GAME CEO: “I’m Sure That As An Industry We Will Pull Through”

GAME really didn’t have the best day yesterday. Between the news that they wouldn’t be stocking EA games in March, to the 15% stock tumble, it really couldn’t have gotten much worse.

GAME CEO Ian Shepherd has commented on the situation via Twitter:


“Well, a tough day for colleagues and customers, after an excellent Vita launch performance last week – certainly ups and downs at the moment. A lot of feedback, both anger and support – understandable.

No-one wins from this, but I’m sure that as an industry we will pull through.”

It will be interesting to see what happens after March, and if the rumoured GameStop takeover comes to fruition.

Source: VG247



  1. Notably, not “as a retailer, we will pull through”.

    Also, ‘gotten’ is a hideous Americanised word. Gah

    • got any ;)

    • Aye. A little bit of misdirection and also agreed about “gotten”. Gah, indeed! :-)

  2. For me, the days of the ‘high street’ gaming stores are numbered. The internet is far cheaper. 10 years ago i went into a GAME store and there was every major game on the shelves aswell as a massive pre-owned section. A few weeks ago i went into another GAME (same city) and found the vast majority of shelves were for pre-owned games. Whats changed in the 10 years, hhmmm, the intenet has caught up :)

    • The internet is cheaper, but it’s not good for people who don’t know about games. If my gran wants to buy me a game I’m sure she’d rather buy it in GAME than online in an attempt to get some advice. Oh, GAME certainly aren’t very good at giving it, but that’s their purpose over online to me.

      • If your gran wants to buy you a game she can use the internet. Just because she is old doesn’t mean she’s stupid. Also, in my day my gran would give me money as a present and tell me to get something nice…. she wouldn’t have a clue what game to buy me unless I told her.

      • ‘Assisted sale’ is a concept that is thriving if done correctly

        You can buy iPods, iPhones & iPads online but the average Apple retail employee took $320,000 in 2011, this is the highest in all of consumer retail, I believe.

        You can but phones online but Carphone Warehouse go from strength to strength in good times & bad because they are always changing the way they do things.

        GAME haven’t updated their sales model since… well, forever?

        How useful is a shop full of shelves & shelves of games, with some barely trained staff that are frequently to rushed to provide worthwhile help? It’s basically self-service with a long queue, why pay extra (over online) for it? Where is the value that is being added which makes the game you walk out the store with worth £5 more than the game someone receives through the post?

        I can’t see where GAME are adding value & it is that that is failing them, not the fact that some people who know what they’re doing want to save money by buying online.

        I could sort GAME out, just like I did a lot at another retailer in a former life. If you’re reading this GAME… Call me

  3. I admire the optimism but I really cannot see GAMEgroup lasting long if things don’t change soon.
    Without taking any pre-orders (seriously, who is going to pre-order stuff with them now?!) and big games like FIFA, etc not being on shelves day-one (assuming EA still refuses to give them stock at that point), things aren’t looking good.

    If I was in their siutation, I would personally downsize and alter the company to focus solely on pre-owned sales, ala Cex. I mean, they pretty much have that approach to games already. I can’t claim to have a firm understanding on how businesses work but that’s what I would consider if put in that situation

    • Given that the EA situation may well be resolved by the end of March, FIFA etc… might not be a real issue.

  4. So why just March? Does this fall in stock for instance potentially make it a longer problem than 1 month?

    • Perhaps EA are trialing European retail without GAME whilst they are releasing games which sell themselves and don’t need shelf space in shops, Mass effect 3, FIFA & SIms title will do well regardless, SSX maybe less so which is why they’re still using GAME to distribute it

  5. *puts the broken record on the record player and plays it*

    As i’ve said million of times, they need to change their strategy. Focus less on preowned and more on brand new games as it may result in the publishers not getting annoyed by it. Stop charging £40 for a preowned copy and do a lot of deals on a weekly basis. I remeber when Game used to have deals every saturday. If they do that, then it may just save them.

    If they don’t, then they will end up closing down and will only leave HMV left. And i think that would be the end of the gaming specialist in the UK. :S Oh and they may want to stop having stores within walking distance of each other as that’s not viable way to operate imo.

    If Gamestop does take over the Game Group, i wonder if they convert current Game and Gamestation stores into Gamestop stores or if they will spilt up Game and Gamestation into seperate companies to allow compition between them?

  6. I’d like Game to survive this, but as so many have said they need to re-think thier business model. I personally would like their stores to be more like my local independant was back in the day; have one of each major console running for customers to try before they buy! Creating more of an atmosphere in the branch will, I’m sure, generate more sales and more footfall.

    • Yep, there’s no ‘experience’ to shopping in GAME currently.

      If bricks & mortar retailers are going to survive in any industry then it will be down to the experience they provide which separates them from the rest or cheaper online alternatives.

      • The experience is key. I recently popped in to hold and trial a Vita, in theory a key plus for a physical store… They had no demo unit… Surely a big miss?

  7. GAME is one of the worst run companies i’ve ever seen. They have up to 5 of the same game on one shelf so they can only have about 10 new games to buy. At Gamestop they have hundreds of games on shelfs, placed with the spine visible for optimised space. The way Game are going it’s like they only want to sell the latest 10 games new the rest pre owned. Yes they make more money selling pre owned but personally i’d never buy pre owned games, so they never get my money.

    Also if companies like Comet can sell products the same price as online then so can you GAME!

  8. Pro active they aint.

  9. Why don’t they just stock the games?

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