New DMC Screens

Capcom has sent over some new screens for the Devil May Cry reboot, featuring a Dante ‘who grew up in various institutions, orphanages, youth correction facilities and foster homes but these were mostly operated by demons.’

Understandably Dante is a bit miffed about the demons sending him to bed without his supper but ‘he tries to stay incognito. He sides with the little guy, the victims of what he sees as an unfair society.’


We also have a couple of pieces of concept are showing Ebony and Ivory, Dante’s guns, and the Rebellion sword.

As for the screenshots, the demons pictured appear to be half cyborg and wielding guns. They don’t seem to the type who can easily pass as the evil matriarch of a foster home, but you never know.

Maybe later in the game we will encounter a mecha-demon who stands in front of Dante with a McDonalds Happy Meal, removes the plastic toy and holds it above Dante’s head and chants “naughty boys don’t get no toys.”

Sorry. It’s Friday. I have no idea what I’m writing, I’m rather tired.

Go look at the pretty pictures.

Source: Capcom




  1. until I play it will reserve judgement.

  2. Looks like they’ve retained nearly nothing in this departure. Doesn’t bother me because I never liked them, trouble is I’m struggling to find anything to like here too.

  3. The old Dante looked cool but this one looks very generic. When they rebooted the Batman films they didn’t completely change his costume (I know it looks better and is slightly different but you know what I mean) so I don’t know why they have to completely change Dante. I feel sad now :(

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