New Screens Shown for The Last of Us

Some screens have been shown for Naughty Dog’s new IP, The Last of Us. As well as showing us that the environments look fantastic, the screens also give us a glimpse of just how violent things are going to get, and in one it looks like 14 year old Ellie is about to smack someone round the head with a rather large brick.

Source: All Games Beta



  1. Looks beautiful, pretty keen to see more of this.

  2. Looks fantastic, can’t wait!

    But I refuse to watch any trailers from this game (except the already released one) because based on Uncharted 2 and 3, Naughty Dog has a tendency to show too much in their trailers.

    • That’s true. I’ll try my best but I don’t think I’ll manage to resist watching the trailers

  3. Looks stunning so far. Especially the last shot with the overgrown city

    • That shot is particularly magnificent.

  4. Looks a mash up of The Road/The Walking Dead/I Am Legend which makes me happy.

    • Exactly what i thought when i first looked at the trailer! but seriously it looks fantastic absoloutly stunning i cannot wait to see abit of gameplay but im sure with ND at the helm it will be awesome!

  5. Looks great except for the GT5 standard cars…

    • haha, good one ^^

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to saying GT5’s damage model is that good :)

    • As talentd as ND is, the cars didn’t look very impressive in Uncharted either. Hopefully they’ll use better textures in the final game.

  6. Looks excellent. I hope Ellie will have a decent AI as i think we will have to protect her through out the entire game and i don’t want to see her running towards a bunch of the infected armed only with a baseball bat.

    I wonder if we can create any weapon out of anything we find? As of not many zombie/post apocoplytic games allow us to do that.

  7. I would love to see some more in-game footage, and just a few more details to make me think it won’t be just another totally un-original game.

  8. Looking forward to some concrete details for this one.

    • Concrete will probably be grey, hope that helps. Smiley winking face.

  9. Loving the look of this :) Environment looks fantastic and it also looks violent.

  10. The boys from Naughty Dog mentioned I am Legend by Richard Matheson and The Road by Cormac McCarthy as influences for the game and I have just read both. I Am Legend is showing it’s age a bit (1954) but The Road is incredible. And if ND can get anywhere near the emotional involvement of McCarthy’s work the game will be amazing!
    Once again I find myself investing a lot into game but ND haven’t disappointed so far :-)

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