EA on GAME: “We Don’t Anticipate Any Delay In Getting Our Titles To Market”

As the GAME situation runs on and on, EA have taken it upon themselves to try to convince potential buyers that they can still buy their games should the biggest high street retailer collapse upon itself.  Or, as is the recent case, just not actually sell their titles full stop.

“It’s unfortunate that GAME is having challenges with its suppliers,” says the page, “however consumers have many alternatives both in-store and online. Our first priority is to inform our consumers of the many other retailers carrying our games.”


“We don’t anticipate any delay in getting our titles to market.”

It then lists some handy links for people looking to buy EA’s games, suggesting the GAME issue won’t be resolved any time soon.  Mass Effect 3 here, Tiger Woods 13 here, FIFA Street here and The Sims here.  They’re handy links, and even show where is sold out and where’s not.

We’ve also heard reports that GAME are offering £38 for day-one trade-ins of Mass Effect 3.  So, if you can finish the game within about seven hours (ha!) and fancy some store credit (ha!) why not trade in EA’s latest AAA game to GAME and get some money off something else?

Actually, don’t answer that.



  1. I have sympathy for the people who will lose their jobs, but for GAME itself? None whatsoever. They’ve quite simply priced themselves out of the market. They could easily have competed, at least online, by discounting RRP like so many other websites. But they didn’t, so people went elsewhere.

    As for EA – of course they don’t anticipate problems getting their games to market. Why would they, when there are so many places other than GAME stocking their titles? The last game I bought from GAME was Uncharted 3, and that was purely because they were one of only two places stocking the Explorer Edition.

    Other than that, it’s been at least a couple of years since I bought a game from them. I’ve had no trouble obtaining every game I want from somewhere else, and usually at a much better price.

    My sympathies to all the staff, but as for the chain itself… meh. As far as I’m concerned, it won’t be missed at all. In fact, from comments I’ve read from GAME employees on Twitter and various forums, it seems even the staff won’t miss it that much!

  2. I’m sorry, but I got distracted by the tagline; made me think of a representative from EA curbstomping a rep from GAME in a wrestling match. Anyhow, i’ll feel sorry for anyone being made redundent if GAME goes under, but seeing as how there’s isn’t any GAME store near me and i’ve only ever heard bad things from people about it, I won’t feel sorry for the brand going under.

    • My flatmate works for GAME and when his ME3 CE was cancelled he was so pissed off that he said he didn’t care if they went under :P

      I’ll be sad to see it go if it does go under – it’s always good to browse their stores when on shopping trips (otherwise it’ll just be clothes shops abound) lol

      • Couldn’t agree more. In fact, I wonder how many of the millions of people going in to Game are simply doing it to avoid being dragged into a different shop by a woman?

      • I guess we will now have our Vita so we can spend 3 hours in Starbucks or Subway looking like a loner whilst the GF shops!

      • @Falcon: Quite a few I presume lol

        Tbh, you can find the odd hidden gems in their stores – either heavily reduced strategy guides or reduced collectors editions etc. that have been sitting there for ages.

        Depending on where I’m shopping, I’ll be down to HMV and Grainger Games really.

        Here’s hoping Gamestation gets sold off and they rent the old store in my area again as it was turned into Hawkins Bazaar and that went under so it’s standing empty again.

      • @FalconRedux “doing it to avoid being dragged into a different shop by a woman?”

        OMG are you following me around or something? My experience of GAME for the last few years has been:
        (1) “at last, no handbags or shoes for sale here”
        (2) “blimey £44.99 is have a laugh for that”

        Closing down sales anyone? Hell yeah, long overdue

      • I’m going to assume I’m the only woman on here, seeing as everyone else seems to think Falcon has a point. It’s a sad day for gaming, not just because GAME look set to go under (as a former employee, I feel bad for the staff) but also because people still get confused by girl gamers that actually buy their own games instead of going clothes shopping all the time!

      • @giantwoman If Hannypoppie, miffilou, rainydays or Hazelam (all female members off the top of my head) we’re reading this I’m sure they would say the same!

      • I’m sure my wife would have something to say about that too. 50 something platinums and counting. I ask her when I need help with games :D

  3. What will the men do in a shopping centre if GAME goes under, we will have to go shopping with the girlfriend and actually shop with her, ugh! Tried that once and I was soooo bored.

  4. Shame….but due to their retail style…only themselves to blame…

  5. Although, I find game quite boring and only browse there in an emergency. I find gamestation a lot better.

    • Also owned by GAME group.

      • But in my experience, GAME stores are a lot less smelly than GameStation.

        Seriously. Every GameStation I’ve ever been in has been home to some kind of overwhelming stench. Not pleasant places to visit at all.

      • Clearly you have never been in a Grainger Games lol. There’s been times in there when I’ve gagged and had to come out as it just stunk of sweat/piss/wet dog combined!

      • Yeah, CEX generally suffers from similar pleasant aromas too. One can only presume that it must have something to do with the trade in factor.

        & what you have to bear in mind is that GAME is the more ‘family-friendly’ face of the GAME group, whereas Gamestation tends to be the slightly more knowledgeable underbelly. It would pay to make GAME more appealing to the masses.

  6. GAME over.

  7. Anyone else feel that this is an EA power play with one of if not the biggest vendors of pre-owned games in the UK? Colour me cynical but I think this is the only reason EA are witholding releases from Game. They are kicking them when they are vulnerable to take them out of the market. If Game could survive without EA releases then EA wouldn’t have been so aggressive/cocky imo…

  8. Every videogame shop in my town looks set to shut down then. First HMV, now probably GAME. Not to mention the little indie shop that was great, and is being replaced by an H&M :(

  9. I do feel sorry for anyone losing their job like this but i couldn’t help thinking….If only NFS:The Run’s distribution had been badly affected… sigh.. ;)

  10. Yeah they’re all closing down in my nearest town too (Aylesbury).
    First the indie shop ( which I didn’t realise had shut until I went to browse there!!), then the most recent being HMV leaving just GAME as WHsmith don’t sell games etc there any more either.

    Bugger,even the women’s lingerie shop next door has recently shut – I used to enjoy walking pasg there!! :D

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