Fable Heroes Gameplay Trailer Released

Kinect owners aren’t the only one to get some Fable love, as Fable Heroes has been announced for Xbox LIVE. Looking totally different to any other Fable game, it’s a co-op affair supporting up to four players (online or offline).

You team up to defeat enemies, but also compete with each other for coins. It reminds me of Disney Universe!

Source: VG247



  1. Looks pretty cute. I can imagine this being really fun with a few friends.

  2. This is not Fable. With this and Journey, what are they doing to the franchise?! :(

    • I was just about to say that. This is “Fable” in name only. It seems like every game after the first just gets worse and worse until you end up with this.

    • if Molyneux wanted to do something with kinect, why didn’t he do something like Black and White.
      surely if there’s a series perfect for kinect, it’s that one.

      you control the world with your hand in those games, picking stuff up and throwing thing, to move you reach out and grab the land and pull yourself forwards, and then there’s the gesture based spells.

      there’s no game more perfect for kinect if you ask me.
      no, he turns Fable into a kinect game.

      i fear the Fable series becoming the next annual franchise.

  3. Kill your darlings…

  4. Fable Party then?

    first they made the combat more a button masher in fable 3, now this?

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