Uncharted 3 Update 1.07 Is Live

Naughty Dog has deployed a live update for Uncharted 3’s multiplayer component to tackle DLC problems that have been affecting EU players. Almost two weeks ago, Flashback Map Pack 2 hit the PlayStation Network though caused quite a stir. Sony hadn’t pulled the “old” version of the DLC from the storefront, and those unlucky enough to to have downloaded it couldn’t access the news maps.

A new version was drafted in the following weekend though it’s likely some won’t have got the message. Update 1.07 will prompt players with the corrupted DLC to download the new version; those who don’t will not be able to access the maps in-game.


Incredibly eager to try out the renovated Uncharted 2 maps, I unfortunate enough to have grabbed the defunct version. However, despite having re-downloaded the pack (a few times I might add,) out of the 30 or so games I’ve played, only 4 have even allowed me to select one of the new online battlegrounds. Considering how smoothly the first DLC was integrated, it feels like a real set back and has meant a delay in our review.

Source: Naughty Dog Blog



  1. it’s funny, how scee qa can hold back games that nobody else does yet they let stuff through that just doesn’t work.

    you know the best way to spot a liar?

    the inconsistencies.

    • Yeah i agree, it’s maddening to think how something like that is not spotted before releasing it to consumers.

  2. Just sort it!

  3. Oops.

    I feel Naughty Dog did the right thing on this. Sure, it was a big mistake, but initially looking to try and do hot fixes, which then became just blocking off the worst glitches, then segregating the two versions of the pack.

    Setting a final date and patch that forces a re-download and informs was also spot on.

    So bravo to Naughty Dog on the resolution of this matter.

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