Battlefield 3 DLC Announced, Isn’t “Piecemeal Map Packs”

EA have announced some downloadable content for their first person shooter, Battlefield 3, after the game’s first expansion Back to Karkand.

There will be three DLC packs that promise “Fresh and innovative gameplay” and “new modes and unique environments” – starting in June, another in “the fall” and the last one this winter.


“Instead of delivering piecemeal map packs,” said Patrick Bach, Executive Producer, presumably pointing the finger at CoD, “we’re giving players a completely new experience with every themed expansion pack to keep the action fresh.”

“Our expansions are designed to excite our large and active fan base while attracting new recruits with gameplay that is dynamic and unpredictable every time.”

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is an infantry-only theatre of war, Armored Kill features the wonderfully sounding “vehicular mayhem” and, finally, End Game is top secret.




  1. Sounds great. More excellent maps like the B2K ones would be greatly appreciated. Good work DICE.

    • But less conquest assault would be nice. That mode seriously needs some revision.

      • I like Conquest Assault, it’s a nice change from the full scale Rush and Conquest.

      • Meh, not a fan tbh – Much prefer the more tactical standard conquest where you can jockey for position from the off rather than conquest assualts version of it where you claw your way back from a defeat that isn’t even your fault.

        & if defending, the beginning 5-10 minutes of assault tends to be pretty dull too.

      • I love COA, was severely disappointed when BF3 launched with nothing but neutral conquest maps, CA signifies Battlefield for me, but then I played a hell of a lot of 2 and 2142.

      • How about a 24 player team… against an attacking army (The CPU)
        That’d be epic…
        One squad controls Air assault, one squad controls turrets and so on, one squad controls tanks and/or ground vehicle… and the rest are basic infantry.

      • Cannot wait for all of these packs, all a buy for me! :)

  2. Oh yeah! Back To Karkand is superb and so I’m really excited about upcoming releases.

    Having gone through a few modern CODs and experienced the fairly light weight but hefty price tag map pack releases I think that EA are totally justified in their swipe at the COD series.

  3. Wow! June…really?
    I was considering buying up some PSN credit with my Gamestation voucher in anticipation of this, dont think I’ll wait that long for it.

  4. Awesome, I’ll be looking forward to this, I’ve loved everything about this game so far.

  5. Is End Game dinosaurs?

    • End Game… An appropriate, uncanny & creepy title, given current events. (hidden msg? The elite like to do that.)

  6. Nukes!

  7. I need to buy and get back on BF3. But PSN is taking my money at the moment.

  8. Won’t be buying any DLC unless they fix the chronic input lag I am experiencing, which pretty much means I won’t be buying it. I am aware it does not affect everyone before I get the usual responses.

    • Perhaps you could try setting your tv to game mode? I’m honestly not trying to be snide or insulting, but it did work fairly well for me.

  9. Alternatively, they could take the Halo route and create new playlists when the dev or community make them.

  10. About time they announced some new content, but I doubt ill still be playing in June. Getting bored of the current maps already.

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