Heavy Rain Dev Quantic Dream’s New Game Revealed Tonight

The Casting video – below – formed the basis of what would become Heavy Rain, one of the PlayStation 3’s most impressive titles.  And tonight we’ll find out what the developers have been doing since their last game back in 2010.

At 10.30PM, after we’ve all settled down from whatever Apple are announcing, Quantic Dream will present their new technology tech demo from GDC over in San Francisco, and we’re excited.


Hype levels are high, even if the project is still hugely secret and only a few people – Eurogamer and PSM3 magazine for two – have seen any of it.  Naturally it’ll be all over the web in minutes so tune into TheSixthAxis around about then.

Most expect the game to be a PlayStation exclusive – whether that’s 3, 4 or Vita we’ll just have to wait and see.  Our money’s on current generation at least, even if it’s not confirmed tonight either way.



  1. What if it’s called ‘Damp squib’ – the game that makes YOU the politician…

  2. Colour me excited

  3. A tech demo has been shown, no new game though

  4. yahoo

  5. i saw a shower video in youtube but it was uncensored

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