Star Wars Eclipse release date up in the air as developer struggles

star wars eclipse release date

A Star Wars Eclipse release date may be far, far away according to a new report, suggesting that the game’s developer is struggling with the project.

If you were hoping to play Eclipse in the next couple of years then you’re out of luck, with the game now targeting a 2027/2028 launch. The reason for this is due to Quantic Dream’s alledged failure to ramp up its team size and acquire talent, according to Xfire’s sources within the company.

An interesting deep dive shows that studio has been continually reposting on job listing sites, in some cases advertising senior roles. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Heavy Rain and Detroit developer is being starved of fresh talent, though.

Xfire makes another interesting claim regarding the admittedly incredible Star Wars Eclipse cinematic trailer that debuted at The Game Awards 2021. On one hand, this was meant to drum up excitement among gamers and the Star Wars fandom. It failed in its secondary purpose, however: as a tool to drive recruitment and catch the eye of prospective buyers who may be keen to acquire Quantic Dream.

While it’s not uncommon for video games to be announced and trailered many years before they see the light of day, the Star Wars Eclipse reveal did seem a suspiciously premature.

Is it completely out of the question that Quantic Dream is looking for a buyer? Not at all, even with the studio having transitioned to become a game publisher. The past twelve months have seen a number of shock acquisitions, from Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard to Sony buying Bungie. There’s a very good chance that there are more to come.

So what do we know about Star Wars Eclipse so far? From what has been revealed, it will be similar to previous Quantic Dream titles with a focus on branching narratives told from the interweaving perspectives of key characters. Although there’s a lot of familiar Star Wars imagery, the Eclipse trailer (viewed over 13m times) felt incredibly fresh, the game taking us to new, uncharted worlds.

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