GAME Sales Continue In-Store

[drop2]Across the web this morning, reports are emerging that GAME (and Gamestation) are ramping up their in-store sales of pre-owned software, with many titles massively down in price.

There’s no official word from GAME Group on this, so everthing’s a little bit anecdotal (and I went for a sandwich rather than walking into town to check, sorry) but it’s all starting to match up.


Naturally, this seems be to branch specific, and by that I mean that some stores might be kicking out everything dirt cheap and others aren’t budging at all, but for some pre-owned bargains it’s probably worth a look.

Let us know in the comments or via Twitter what you find if you head down.

In addition, rumours are starting to emerge that it’s looking like some new (as in, not pre-owned) titles will be next to go on sale – everything’s being done manually by the store staff (which must be horribly demoralising for them) so timing might be important – and then we’re also hearing that pre-owned hardware might be on the cards too. 

This won’t be new stock, so don’t get excited.

The stuff that’s stickered up on the back (like brand new PS Vita games) won’t be discounted, as they’re owned by Sony and various other publishers, but you might well find some treats, even if the games in question are a few months old or so.

At the least, Child of Eden and Vanquish are both apparently shifting for £2.98, which is a superb bargain if you’ve not got them already.

We’ve reached out to GAME’s PR company for details.

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  1. I went into GAME and Gamestation today, I overheard the store employees at Gamestation saying that they’ve finished marking down the pre-owned and needed to “move onto the new stock next”.

  2. Child of Eden is indeed £2.98 I bought it this morning with a few other things, restickering was a thing that is very much in progress if the item didn’t have a new red sticker with the new price they will scan it and tell you what it is.

    Also neither Game or Gamestation asked about preordering things which I’m assuming is a bad sign for their future.

    • Is child of eden worth playing (or does it even work) without move?

      • Havn’t played it yet, been busy patching everything else. Box says that move is optional.

      • It works perfectly with the normal controller. Get it. Its superb!

  3. I’ll try and pop into a store over the weekend. Maybe too late for the best deals, but I’ve got enough games as it is. Of course, maybe they’ll have moved on to the newer games by then!

  4. Completely forgot that I had a couple of quid to spend on GAMEs website. Missed out on Killzone2 for 48p :(

    • I picked it up lol! :) also nabbed Lost planet 2 for 99p!

  5. Sounds like they’re in full fire-fighting mode. The problem is, even if the owners had no intention of this being a pre-closing down sale and intended it just as a stock clearance, peoples impression that it’s a chain on it’s last legs may be enough to actually push it over the edge.

  6. Yeah, just been there as i had a few titles i needed to trade anyway.

    I didn’t pick up some of the real bargains that were on as i already had or already played the games, but suffice to say, there are some cracking deals on.

    Put it this way, i just took in 4 games to trade, paid £11.50 & walked out with Darkness 2 (marked as £24.99), Bodycount (marked as £4.99), Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean (marked as £17.99) & Pro Evo 2010 (marked as 48p).

    They are marketing it as a ‘spring clearout’, which i feel is a little dishonest, but it isn’t like they are going to advertise the fact that they are in trouble at the moment though.

    It’s been on the cards for a few days now with all the stories flying around, but unfortunately i believe that Game are done.

    Which makes me very sad. :(

  7. Pooped into local branch.
    Games between five and twenty pounds, second hand.
    Better shopping online, new!

    • Sounds like your local branch hasn’t yet begun the required pricing – Should be anything from around 50p up to around £30 (depending on titles).

      Most of what i saw ranged from around £1.99 to £4.99 or so.

  8. Freudian typo.

  9. All that will be left is old Football games.. and movie tie-ins


    Hopefully Folklore is cheap.

  10. Sweet just got fallout new vegas for 2.50 been wantin to try it

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