GAME Management “Told To Brace For The Possibility Of Administration”

Looks like it’s probably just about over for GAME, one of the high street’s most recognisable icons for gamers. This afternoon trade magazine MCV went live with a follow up story to what we’ve all been hearing for weeks, the emphasis being that administrators are, according to the article, just around the corner, with the guys at the top getting the heads up.

“MCV has learnt that senior members of the GAME management teams have been told to brace for the possibility of administration,” wrote the site’s Ben Parfitt, who has been meticulously following the ongoing story with the company. “Senior staff were told at a meeting with CEO Ian Shepherd earlier this week that the chain has approximately two weeks to turn its fortunes around.”


This, presumably, is where all the sales are coming from.

The worst thing about all this is, as far as we can see, the guys working in the shops simply aren’t being kept up to speed, with forum posters apparently working for the group finding out the latest as the days go on by reading stories on the net and around community sites, rather than through the organisation itself – some are still hopeful for a GameSpot buy-out, and we hope this is the case.

It’s those guys that we feel for, and hope that – if all this does fall apart in a matter of weeks – that they’ll find other employment.



  1. feel sorry for the guys who work there for real, its such a shame its coming to this especially at these times where the economy is struggling and jobs are a pain to find.

    I hope someone buys GAME, what happened with gamestop being interested

    • Good riddance.. My local stores are a few just Xbox fanboys, trying desperately to offload Microsoft’s Xbox at any opportunity.

      • Yeah. People with wives, kids, lives, mortgages. F**k ’em. Lets hope they all end up on the dole. With a bit of luck one or two might top themselves.


      • All i can think of when you say that is, “Their fault for getting a wife, kids, car and mortgage” XD

      • Sigh

      • It’s unfortunate that this gen has been about Microsoft buying industry alliances, and this is a direct result of the fallout from that.

      • Really?
        You mean marketing, present in every (successful) company under the sun, right?
        No crime in marketing your product, and no crime in Game passing the marketing on.
        It’s not like they’ll refuse to sell you a PS3 if you ask for one instead of an xbox, is it?

      • Thanks to the people being sympathetic to the staff members at Game and Gamestation, I work at Gamestation, I hope that the administration gets us brought out, I never liked working under Game any way, I feel Gamestation has been loosing what made it unique and a nice place to shop/work, since they took over.
        Manlcmlner you are a bit of a cock really aren’t you as well. I don’t know what your local Game is like (and as I said I never liked Game any way) but it’s not like there is some company rule that says we have to sell Microsoft goods more than any other console, but most the staff and Game and Gamestation are Xbox players, myself included, every one in my store has either owned a PS3 and got rid of it or kept both a PS3 and Xbox. And we will not sell one over the other, unless asked for personal opinion.

        Luckily for me I have 2 jobs, working at a bar, but that’s not going to get my rent paid, but I feel worse for my ASM who has been laid off from the last 3 companies he’s worked for, and has a kid.

      • My local Game store tried to sell me a secondhand Xbotch and a copy of Forza when I went to the till to buy a PS3 copy of GT5….

        They were clearly on a Microsoft kickback. I left the game on the counter and ordered it online from instead.

      • So that one guy might of been an idiot, but you didn’t speak up about it? And you treat an entire company because of one poor employee?

      • Just because you recieved crap serivce from 1 person doesn’t mean the entire company is favoring a console. If MS was bribing them to push the 360, then i think they wouldn’t be in danger of closing down.

        @minilipscombe, I hope you won’t end up losing your job. :S

      • Yeah, we are actually allowed to borrow PS3s to try and get the staff more into the console, probably the only thing that I liked that Game have brought in (even though you have to jump through loads of hoops to actually borrow one)

        Thank you Steven, I’m keep my eyes peeled on here as the company hasn’t told us anything, luckily I have an other job so that will help for a bit hopefully until I can get a new job, feel more sorry for the other staff and my friends that will be demolished by this.

  2. More proof, must get this £100 store credit spent. Can’t wait til payday in 3 weeks, looks like that’ll be too late!

    This isn’t the sort of thing they can turn around in 2 weeks, the income from a big sale is a temporary fix. Their whole business model is broken, and to fix that would take months.

    • I meant can’t wait til payday to put it towards a vita.

      • Cash it in ASAP – time really is of the essence by the looks of it

      • Yeah, if nothing else tony, use it online.

        Even if it is stuff you don’t really need, it’s better to have used it than not to have it at all.

      • Can’t use credit online unfortunately. Another brilliant idea by the company!

      • Sorry, i thought he was referring to credit in reward points (which i didn’t realise you could redeem on line until the other day).

        In that case Tony, get yourself down to a store ASAP! :)

      • I think Teflon mentioned on twitter that they are allowing credit card things to be used online now. Check it just incase.

      • Well. Reward points. Not a clue about store credit.

      • Thanks guys, I went to game on the way home from work, got £50 ps store credit and grand slam tennis which came to £80. Was surprised to see grand slam being a new ea game, thought they weren’t stocking them?

        Anyway used £50 to download mass effect 3 so chuffed with that, going halves with my bro. Seems its all worked out well in the end. Still have around £20 on the gift card but I can deal with losing that, will have a rummage over weekend in preowned sale.

        Also, gift cards cannot be used in their online store. I’d own a vita if you could but I refuse to get ripped off in-store when the same company offers much better deals in the online marketplace.

  3. Looks like it could be GAME, Set and Match ;)

    Hope they can turn it around or a buy out occurs. Looks like my flatmate might be out of a job soon :(

  4. This is very distressing, one of the last safe havens for married men disappearing off the high street.

    • There’s always HMV, for however long that lasts too lol

      • My brother is a manager at HMV and he said he was told his branch is fine for a few more years went in for Mass Effect today the sold out within the first 3 hours,same with street fighter X Teken

      • It seems that HMV seem to okay for now then. It was definitely choppy waters for them a bit back. They sold off one of their music arm of the company or something didn’t they to try and stabilise themselves?

      • yeah my brother was told 2 years back there was a goodchance his branch could of been closed,but when i asked why HMV arein a better place then they were a year ago he said in his branch it was the huge sales increases of blu rays and pre owned games

  5. Administration could be just what is needed so that it survives.

    It obviously is going to continue limping along like it is, if administrators are called the first people for the chop should be most of the decision makers over the past 5 or so years.

    It’s been badly managed for a while, good management would have constantly refined their customer experience & store model, instead they rode the popularity of the Wii & did nothing with the money.

    Administration can be a good thing for a company, although not for everyone in it and especially not for anyone they owe money to or haven’t paid for stock.

    Administrators will probably cut limbs off to survive, like international divisions, closing down an unsustainable number of stores & their associated leases, costs & staff… Then once all this nastiness is out the way what’s left will essentially be the good bits & will probably be a bargain for someone & the name & some jobs will live on free of the shackles of debt… A bad time to be owed money by GAME though as there’s probably a good chance you aren’t going to see it.

    • At least it’ll help them get out of some of their store tenancies – cut the stores in each area down to 1 and basically streamline the whole company if possible.

      Although a good chance for them just to sell all of the going concerns and shut up shop completely.

    • Unfortunately very few firms come out of Administration. When this happens any money owed to HMRC, the staff and significantly the Administrators themselves is a priority and the sad fact is High Street retailing is dying. Game might live on as a web store (see Zavvi, Woolworths etc) but with many software companies not dealing with them anyway they’re sadly done for.

  6. So what would this mean for Gamestation?

    • Same fate for the whole company unfortunately. I hope Gamestation gets sold if GAME Group go completely kaput.

      • have over £90 in credit notes think a trip to gamestation is in order! shame as i like gamestation in every store i been in they have been friendly and have some great deals

  7. i can think of a few companies in this industry i’d rather see go under than Game.

    • Grainger Games hate that store

      • They have had some disastrous PR but they are a local firm to me so don’t want them to go under even if their stores do stink to high heaven lol

    • i was thinking more of publishers.
      particularly those known by their acronyms. ^_^

  8. Too little too late, they should have reacted a long time ago.

    Sad for the people losing their jobs!

  9. Used my reward points the other day to get PSN credit as this was going to happen

  10. Same for the staff. Using my points, pre-order for 2 games (one of which Game isn’t stocking even in Central London) and that 20% off a game, I walked out with. Brand new Unit 13 for £17 today!

    • Shame not same. Grrrrrrr iPad is liking to change correctly spelt words lately…..

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