Battlefield 3 ‘Close Quarters’ DLC Gets Trailer

DICE has released a trailer showing off the upcoming Close Quarters DLC for Battlefield 3. The gameplay trailer takes place in Ziba Tower, one of four new maps that will be come in the DLC pack.

The trailer tells us that Close Quarters will release in June, with PS3 users getting the DLC one week early.

Source: Press Release


  1. It’s better.

    • Than CoD, taking it on at its own game.

  2. Ooh – Any idea of cost??

    There is definitely no price here this time!! Unless there is on the vid of course…

    • No idea of price at the moment.

      • Ok, no worries – I shall await further detail. :)

        Just wondering if its a map pack similar to the size of karkand (doubtful due to teh amount of content that came with) or if it is just one map & what the price structure might actually be.

      • it’ll include 4 maps 10 guns/assignments and new vehicles so i’d assume the price will be the same as btk or slightly less, probably £9.99

  3. So it’s deathmatch only? Can’t see Rush/Conquest working on such maps.

    • Why? This is one bit of one map – I can’t really see it being too different to firefights in the TV station stairwell on Sharqi.

    • Rumours are it will include new game modes, but this is only what i have read, don`t take my word for it :-)

    • Why not? Killzone 2 made maps as small and it worked brilliantly, if only they could incorporate all missions into 1 round(like killzone2), that would be perfect

  4. Frag rounds frag rounds frag rounds… :-(

    • Thankfully they’re getting nerfed in the next update. RPG’s and Claymores are my biggest worry!

    • Its not like nearly everyone already uses them now in wide open maps………oh wait

  5. at 1.04 theres an l86a1 (the lmg version of the l85)

  6. Looks like a potentially cracking piece of DLC. definitely worth a look when it comes out

  7. I can see it now…..

    Ziba 24/7 64 man 1000 tickets fast respawn

  8. oh dear, oh dear, oh dear….that is all I have to say. Haven’t touched this for a long time now and won’t till they fix the massive list of issues they have.

  9. Ooooooooh my favourite weapon is in there…..gimme now….

  10. Am pretty much certain to get this, but I do hope that it’s not just plain SQDM or TDM. In saying that, they said new game modes so it should be something else, probably not shown here (scrutiny of the trailer shows nothing new).
    Also hope that the new modes apply to old maps.

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