Comet Buyer OpCapita Looking Into GAME

The story continues, then, as today GAME’s shares rapidly drop back towards the 1.2p mark after opening a little higher. The news that there are reportedly two parties interested in the chain suggests that share price may rise a little more shortly, though.

The Financial Times, via MCV, claims that OpCapita, the company that famously picked up Comet for £2, are interested in the UK side of the group, with Hilco favouring the overseas divisions, whilst Rothschild are the people behind trying to find a buyer for the business.


In related news, posts are now appearing online from GAME and GameStation staff, with clear signs that things haven’t been rosy for a while.

“They had little or no grasp of emergent market trends and utterly failed to find any sort of balance in-store in regards to marketing their pre-orders (which took up far too much of the space they were meant to be selling actual product in), pre-owned (took far too much new-release space and wasn’t priced sensibly) and finally, back-catalogue (which suffered because of the first two and almost utterly killed of the PC side of things completely),” says one such report.

We’ll keep you up to date with any developments over the day.



  1. Hmm, i’ve not seen the prices of games in Comet so i’m not sure if i would like Opcaptia buying it as they are not a gaming specalist and thus won’t have any knowledge of the industry. I know they could ask Game but they drove themself into the ground. But i rather have them buy Game then Game going out of bussiness.

    I wonder if Gamestop will actually buy Game in order to get a presence here in the UK? Although, i can see Opcapita turning Game’s uneccessary amount of stores in certain places into parts of their bussinesses. E.g. A comet could open near Game.

    • They’d only need to employ someone who does understand the gaming business.

      • True but they may deem that to be uneccessary and may focus on trying to sort out Game’s mess before figuring out what direction to take Game in.

      • According to the second half of the article, GAME staff clearly knew what the problem was. They just have to get the message to the (new) management.

      • Yeah, it seems that the current management tend to favour the ‘ostrich’ approach. New management may actually listen to what the people on the ground have to say.

    • Prices of games in Comet are similar to Supermarkets, with the occasional big price drop bargain game on the shelf and everything else overpriced…the games section is just window dressing to get customers in to buy other stuff just as the Supermarkets do.
      But this won’t in any way compare to any new owner of the game group as their interests will be solely in gaming and not just used as a sideline!

    • Near me we already have a GAME inside of a Comet store. It’s the future!

      • A store inside a store!!? Thank the baby jesus I’m laying down, that’s awesome. A bit of imagination wouldn’t go amiss though, I vote for a Subway inside a GAME. Like literally, in the case. Nom.

      • I think that is to be the plot of the sequel to Inception. Storeception. I’ll grab my coat.

        Wouldn’t having a subway inside a game be a bit messy and cause problems? ;)

        I won’t be shopping at Game/Gamestation if Comet buys them as i don’t fancy paying full price for a game preowned or if it’s been out for 6 months..

  2. That quote section is completely true the company is run terribly at the moment. I wonder what would happen to Gamestation if/when it gets brought whether the buyer would see having 2 shops worth it or not, in my town we have a Game in the shopping centre then across the road from that is Gamestation, they are quite close to each other but when running them as individual companies it worked, but whether the buyer would consider having 2 shops a good idea or not.

  3. Your “now appearing online” link has the most wonderful closing line. Do go read it. :-)

    • Haha, love it!

      It’s like he developed a case of tourettes just at the end there! :)

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