GAME Won’t Be Stocking Resident Evil, Ninja Gaiden 3

Capcom has announced that GAME and GameStation won’t be stocking their upcoming Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City title, which is due in just over two weeks.

“Capcom must confirm that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City scheduled for release on Friday March 23rd, will not be stocked by GAME or Gamestation either in their retail outlets or on their online stores operating in the UK and Ireland,” said a statement to MCV.


Capcom say that the game will be available at a “wide variety of retailers” though, and suggest that if you’ve played a pre-order at GAME to get in touch with the retailer directly.

“Capcom wants to reassure its consumers that this title will be available at a wide variety of retailers across the UK and Ireland. For those consumers who have already placed a deposit to pre-order of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City then a full refund will be available – please contact your local GAME or Gamestation shop or visit the online stores.

In similar news, Tecmo have just let us know that GAME won’t be stocking Ninja Gaiden 3 (above) and Warriors Orochi 3.  One has to wonder when this is all going to be over now, sadly.

On a brighter note, Sony will be selling Twisted Metal through GAME this Friday, although all Sony stock is stickered up and belongs to the publisher, not the retailer, so there’s much less risk.



  1. Goodness me, the queue of people waiting to kick GAME while it’s down is certainly a long one.

  2. “One has to wonder when this is all going to be over now, sadly.”

    Soon if this trend of Game not having anything new to sell continues. Sad but true.

  3. a mistake in the article ‘Paid instead of played’

    “suggest that if you’ve played a pre-order at GAME to get in touch with the retailer directly.”

  4. Yep, Its all over for them. Shame for the employees, but lets face it, Game have really done this to themselves.
    Lets hope that Resi Evil and Ninja Gaiden dont suffer as a consequence.

  5. I think we should set up a betting pool to see what games Game will have in stock on day 1.

    They are fecked if noone buys them as they have already started selling their preowned stock very cheaply in an attempt to save themselves.

  6. I’m a little surprised they’re still bringing in and stocking anything new, I’d have thought that’d have hit the buffers by now and they’d be tidying up stock is still laying around.

    Reading these news pieces feels kind of like watching a boxer that’s getting an absolute punishing but instead of going down to avoid further damage, even though there’s no chance of victory they’re just standing there and taking the knocks.

    • I agree. I’m surprised that they are still allowing pre-orders on their website for games.

  7. I have had a pre-order for Diablo 3 CE for ages now. I hope to gods they don’t fold before that comes out and they send me my beautiful Diablo-skull-with-crystal :/

    • I would personally be a little concerned if you are that invested in it. No idea who the publisher are, but it might be worth a bit of research to see if they are in good favour with Game.

      Chances are that they aren’t! :O

    • I wouldn’t even chance it. Cancel the pre-order and go for someone like ShopTo or Play.

  8. Cex dont stock new games tho….just saying….they seem successful….

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