Nintendo Skip ‘GAME’ On List Of Kid Icarus Retailers

[videoyoutube]Whilst this probably won’t come as too much of a surprise, Nintendo have omitted GAME from their list of places you can pre-order and buy the 3DS title.

“From Friday 23rd March, Kid Icarus: Uprising will be available to buy on the high street, via” says the press release, “Argos, Asda, Blockbuster, Tesco, Dixons Stores Group, GameStop, HMV, Sainsbury’s, Smyths Toys and Toys R Us.”


They also list some online stores: “Amazon, The Hut,,,,, and as well as most good games retailers.”

You’ll notice that GAME and GameStation are missing from that list – does this mean Kid Icarus won’t be there?

The game comes with 6 Kid Icarus AR cards included, with exclusive Kid Icarus AR cards also be available through Club Nintendo. “For 250 Stars you’ll be able to get 2 packs containing 6 AR cards each,” say Nintendo.

We’ve sent an email to Nintendo’s PR bods for clarification.

Update: Nintendo have returned our request for details, they tell us the game will not be available through GAME / GameStation.



  1. Yup, all Nintendo, Capcom & of course EA games won’t be appearing at GAME Group stores/online until further notice.

  2. Totally surprised by this one… /sarcasm

  3. Nail, meet coffin

    • Yeah, that one didn’t go down too well on ‘Take Me Out’! :D

    • Mm-hm, I’m surprised they’re still stocking anything at all.

  4. I’d be sad to see Gamestation go. Especially as my friend knows our local manager. He puts a lot of time and passion into his work and makes it a great place to go. He’ll also make sure that you’re given a great deal (within reason). I quite often choose Gamestation over online purchasing, but unfortunately they can only take their prices so low.

    • Agreed. Gamestation has received thousands of pounds from me over the years. Will be gutted to see my local one go :(

  5. GAME can’t go! I still remember going getting my PS2 and shopping at Electronic Boutique.

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