Rumour: Walmart Looking To Buy GAME Group

According to MCV, supermarket giant Walmart has approached GAME Group and is looking to bid for the struggling company.

Walmart, one of the largest American superstore chains and owners of ASDA, has currently not made any official announcement about this report, and GAME Group is also keeping quiet about any possible approach.


GameStop has been the company that many believed would be making a bid for GAME Group’s struggling business, but now with Walmart apparently interested we could, potentially, see a bidding war soon break out.

Walmart is currently the world’s 18th largest corporation and its revenue for last year was a rather massive $421.8 billion.

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  1. ASDA Gaming on the high street?

    Could work

    • Or GAME branches in-store at ASDA.

      • Perhaps they won’t even run them as gaming outlets & just want to cherry pick the stores for the ASDA version of Tesco Express so they can grab small format high st customers & get around Sunday trading laws

      • &small format stores, not customers
        Because that would be weird

      • “Small format customers”


  2. I believe you mean Gamestop, not Gamespot. :)

  3. Great news.
    Better them than Gamestop anyway, keep up some competition please!

    I assume this is for worldwide GAME group, right?

  4. Great news! dont really like the store but if it means the current store workers keep there jobs then it’s a great bit of news.
    I heard a 2 workers from Gamestation today saying that he hoped that Best Buy would buy them out.

    • Best Buy’s first venture in the UK went swimmingly…. ;)

  5. i think this has more to do with the high street locations rather than reviving a gamer centric shop chain, i hope not but that makes more sense to me.

  6. I had thought a supermarket chain might bid for GAME. But isn’t the whole point behind having games in stores is so that customers buy other products in store.

  7. maybe with the right management they can actually turn the business around, after all, gaming is a pretty big market in the uk.

    i’d be a little saddened to see game, and gamestation, go away.

    i think the publishers would lose out a bit without them.
    in my local shopping centre there’s a game, gamestation and a cex.
    if game go under, and gamestation goes with them, that would just leave cex.
    i don’t think the publishers would be happy if that was the only game centric store.
    because cex only deal in preowned.

  8. I love ASDA! This may be a good move, GAME prices could be more competitive with online, open GAME or GS in ASDA itself, close some GS and GAME stores and turn some into a ASDA express.

  9. Oh god, stay away! D:

    • someone, anyone, please smash the heart of walmart!!

  10. In my mind this would bring Game into Asda to bring more credibility to there game division. But never know, they could keep them completely separate.

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