EA “Looking At” Subscription Model For Battlefield, Medal Of Honor

[drop2]Speaking to VentureBeat, EA’s Patrick Soderlund has highlighted that he’s “looking at” subscription models for upcoming games.

“I think it’s fair to say that we’re looking at that,” said Soderlund when asked if they’ll eventually get to a subscription type of model for future shooters.


“Like all other companies, we’re looking at how we can maximize our investment in this and get the most out of our investment and get more people playing this product.”

“That may take us to different places, but we’re not really talking about where that is yet.”

He also commented on Call of Duty. “Call of Duty is a shooter, but it’s a different shooter,” he said. “And I think they have a market; we have a market.”

“I’m fine with what I’m doing. I’m going to continue innovating and doing as best as I can with my teams. Hopefully that’s going to lead us to more units [sold] and more happy consumers.”



  1. ‘If Call of Duty can, why can’t we?’

  2. It’s simple enough: If this idea goes through I won’t be buying it. This concept of having to hand over extra money after going out and buying the game (be it subscriptions or DLC) is getting out of hand now and I hate it.

    • i think it would be better to sell the multiplayer part of the game as a standalone unit. Just a bit of DLC, for say £5, then add a subscription. That way, single player games will get better, and all the MP stuff will be in its own sector and can morph at will

      • Yeah I must admit I liked what Guerilla Games did recently by offering up just the MP portion of Killzone3 for a reduced price. The single player (while enjoyable) is only about 3 hours long so having the option to just buy the good part of a game is an intruiging concept.
        Would definitely catch on if games like Battlefield and COD did it as their single player components are dreadful

      • It will also help the whole pre-owned battle publishers have with stores. The argument of one copy getting more than one persons usage in the games lifespan online will be nullified… The single player game will only be used as long as people want to play it with no support needed by publishers/dev’s, and the multiplayer will be funded by subscriptions so money will always be received for the extra costs of running a game for years on end. Once subscription dries up, the game can be taken down, no need to support the pre-owned market.

    • You have to look at it this way. You’ll probably get the MP part of the game really cheap or maybe even free and the fact that you pay a monthly fee would probably guarantee you free DLC.
      I’m sure even they know that people will not fall for that.

    • I certainly aggree with all points, it is getting out of hand. Its not enough people queu up on launch night to buy their games, or pay 9.99 for a map pack, but now they want constant money.
      I dont think so.

  3. of course they are.

    though, ea innovating?
    that’s a bit of an oxymoron isn’t it?

    • Lol agreed. The last time we left EA to ‘Innovate’ they gave us Origin… :| *shudders*

      • Mirrors Edge says hi. Although that was several years ago.
        I think you’re a bit hard on EA, sure they’re a bit…. twatty… in the way they go about things sometimes, but they do produce some brilliant games.

      • I can think of countless examples of ea innovation.

        Dead space – a quality horror.
        Fifa’s tactical defending – huge change for the genre.
        Ultimate team – huge.
        Autolog and batllelog.

        I could go on if I really thought about it.

      • Leaderboards are innovating?
        Love Autolog, great use of leaderboards

        EA have a good focus on quality but they’re far from innovative

        Dead Space was an excellent example of survival horror, and was well dressed up as a third person shooter, the team responsible went on to set up Sledghammer Games who are probably making a CoD game, possibly a third person adventure, I love Dead Space, great concept… Not so much innovative though

        For an example of EA’s ability to innovate look no further than their takeover of PopCap Games, who’ve come up with some quality innovative titles over the years, but since EA have took them over I think all they’ve done is release Bejeweled 3 & bring their back catalogue to other platforms.

        EA are great at many things, but apart from Mirror’s Edge which was fairly unique in the world of boxed retail games I don’t see innovation, at all. EA are the very definition of incremental improvements.

      • I always thought it was the actual developers that were innovating, not the publishers who just pump money into the studio (Visceral Games and Criterion Games). Then again, I don’t really know how these things work in detail, anyways. :)

  4. good luck with that. I think they better try releasing a game without so many game breaking problems first, then try that model. bf3 has already got half empty servers on the ps3.

    This has the potential to put loyal customers off.

    • You’re kidding about the half empty servers, right? Playing it right this moment, and there’s barely a spot free in a game, if playing rush, conquest or team deathmatch.
      As for the game breaking bugs, only a minority have been affected by them. Fine for most.

      • @yogdog, I’m with you there. The PS3 servers are always highly utilized.

      • So much so that it makes getting everyone in at the meets a bloody nightmare!

      • last time I played, there were half empty servers. Mainly from rage quiters, then the servers don’t fill up, because quick match doesn’t work.

        Yes, another thing that’s still broken.

      • Quick match works perfectly well. It was abit iffy for a while, but that was fixed in the patch aaages ago.

      • quick match doesn’t work correctly for me, most of the time, it says nothing is available.

      • Don’t get me wrong, i am not in any way doubting what you are saying, but as yogdog mentioned, i think you are unfortunately in the minority.

        I just find it strange that parts of the game itself don’t work for you when they work well enough for most other people & it makes me wonder whether that comes down to a net issue (such as not connecting to their servers properly or something), an issue with the game itself (i’ve not known many faulty games in my time, but i suppose its not beyond the realms of possibility), or a localised issue with your PS3 perhaps.

        I am of course not suggesting it is any one or combination of the above, but you do seem to get a lot of problems that others (including myself) just don’t.

        Oh & am not bragging that it works for me either! :)

      • stop bragging ;-)

        There are many problems for me with this game that I find just aren’t enjoyable and need fixing, DICE seem to ignore any threads relating to fixing the problems, including input lag, but they decide to ignore. Oh well, maybe next game, back to BC2 for me :)

  5. If EA forces this onto all of their games, i will ban any EA game from joining my collection as i flat out refuse to pay a sub for a game that i’ve paid cash for unless it’s a MMO. I can see them turning Dragon Age into a sub based game. Want to complete a quest? That will be a tenner please, want to play this for another day? That’s ten quid please.

    Plus, do EA realise that COD Elite doesn’t seem to be that successful as i’ve heard some negative things about it?

    EA, stop trying to get even more cash out of your games as most tend to sell well. Plus, you risk annoying a lot of gamers. It’s not like you are struggling to make cash.

    • CoD Elite on the PS3 has been an utter failure, sure they had plenty of subscribers, but the service has been so bad it’ll have turned a lot of people off the idea of paying for a subscription in the future.

      • The only reason why any one got cod elite is because they only play cod for love of the game or they are trying to save on dlc costs wich is fair enough when you think about how much dlc was thrown out by black ops at the cost of £11.99 per pack in under a year i think if each EA are gonna do the same then they should give the dlc away for free and charge a one off fee and no more online passes

  6. I’m a massive BF fan, but if this happens, I’ll stick to the games without it, and if they shut the servers down for those, abandon the series entirely. Plenty of other games which would surely love my attention.

  7. I just love the caption on the image!

  8. Not surprised as all my mates who enjoy COD IN PARSLEY SAUCE are signed up to ELITE.

  9. COD Elite is trash, Battlefield “me too” will also not be worth paying for.
    -1 game sale.

  10. Aren’t EA making enough money without having to put subscriptions in to the mix as well?

    • Tell Activision the same thing.

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