New PS Vita Firmware In April?

Looks like there’ll be another firmware update for the PS Vita sometime in April, if a brief Twitter conversation comes to fruition.

When one Twitter user mentioned that Pixeljunk Monsters wasn’t compatible with the new Sony handheld, developer Dylan Cuthbert replied with some encouraging news.


“They are ‘enabling’ it with a firmware update in April,” he said. “Stay tuned.”

Dylan is the founder of Q-Games, and the man responsible for the fantastic Pixeljunk series – the latest of which, 4am, is due out soon ish.

What else this update will cover is anyone’s guess just now, but hopefully a few more PSP titles will make the cut.  Let’s hope this comes true, Monsters on the Vita would be wonderful.



  1. Does that mean the other PJ games are already working on the Vita? I’d much rather play PJ Eden or Shooter on my Vita.

  2. I hope Valkyria Chronicles 2 will work too then. In the PS3 store, the description says “compatible with PSP and Vita systems”, but I can’t download it to the Vita :( I bought it during one of the PSP mega sales end of last year because I thought all PSP games would be compatible.

  3. I hope they can add a few effects or tools to the camera/photo viewing apps in a firmware update, they’re fairly spartan as it is.

    4am looks like a fun way to mix some loops and samples, and i like the way you can modify the filter by twisting the Move.

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