Elder Scrolls MMO Info Coming May

Through a “source”, Tom’s Guide today is running a story on an MMO set in the Elder Scrolls world. The supposed source has said to expect an announcement in May with more details but has also passed on some information for us to digest until then.

  • The game will be called Elder Scrolls Online (ooohh fancy)
  • The game will be set in a very early time period, the earliest we have seen in the series to date
  • There will be three factions within the game

That’s it. That’s all we have to go on just now. But you can be sure the game will be huge if this turns out to be true.


It should be added that this all may turn out to be false but with it being common knowledge that ZeniMax and Bethesda are working on an MMO, this looks all the more likely. Still no word on wether this will make the jump to consoles or be PC only.

Bethesda said our favourite line – “no comment” – when asked about this leak.

Source: Tom’s Guide.



  1. Khijat? (Pedantry from me sorry)

    • Do you know, I have always spelt it Khijat. I can’t teach myself that it isn’t the right spelling nor is it the way it’s said. Khajiit is what is should be. Sorry.

      • It does have more of the ‘at’ of cat…

  2. Not sure if an Elder Scrolls MMO would work due to the nature of the games plus, i don’t think the typical ES gameplay would work.

    I think it would be set during the Alyeid period and covers the war. My ES lore is a bit rusty.

  3. I’m a tad worried, not sure an Elder Scrolls MMO will work (go to hand in a quest and someone ganks the NPC) but it could be interesting. Hell even a 2-4 player COOP would be fun.

  4. I LOVE the idea of this. Really enjoyed Oblivion and Skyrim (and to a lesser extent Morrowind) and always fancied getting into an MMO so maybe this will be the one.

    At the moment nothing can crack the WoW lead but pulling in fans of an offline title might be the way to take it on.

    • Like Final Fantasy did… oh wait. ;)

      • Finl Fantasy XI is still the very best MMO out there in my opinion. :)

      • XIV is nice… I’m serious I enjoyed it, though haven’t risked XI

  5. be great to finally play as a dwarf, it never made sense to me that although they were gone you could still find tons of “dwarfven armour that would fit all races”

  6. Who can afford to pay monthly subscription fees anymore?! I’ll not be buying it. Besides, I play Skyrim for extended periods of social isolation. I don’t want to talk to real people while I’m playing.

  7. ohhhhh! i have always dreamed about an Elder Scrolls MMO! hopefully this is true… =D

  8. Skyrim was more than enough for me. Especially when I was grinding it out at the end wishing I was playing something else. Hopefully some Fallout information isn’t too far away.

  9. Iv been waiting for this since the news that they registered the trademark for “The Elder Scrolls Online” way back when TES4 came out on PS3.

  10. Is it too much to hope that it’s both available on PS3 and free to play???

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