38 Studios Launches Trailer For Reckoning DLC

“The Legend of Dead Kel” is the first major content drop for February’s fantasy RPG, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

With a distinct pirate theme throughout, the expansion will deliver a number of new quests, enemies, and gear, spread across an area that is said to be as big as 15% of the main game.


The DLC will launch on March 20th.

TheSixthAxis reviewed Reckoning last month and although we praised the game’s depth and non-intrusive character progression, the narrative and eventual repetition of combat were just enough to hold it back from greatness.



  1. last time i checked on the store, it looked like the online pass for this was still free.
    on the uk psn store anyway.
    worth picking up if you might ever buy the game preowned.

    anyway, it seems kinda quick for such an apparently big expansion. o_O

    • Not quick enough for me.
      Platinumed and traded a while back.
      Hoping they will do a “GOTY” style release when all the DLC is out though, would deffo pick it up again then :)

  2. is this a good game, the only RPG i ever played was skyrim, Fallout 3 & vegas, does it paly anything like any of these. I want a RPG game the only close thing to RPG I have is ME3

    • It doesn’t play like any of those tbh mate.
      There is a demo on the store if u wanna get a feel for it, though it was reportedly from an early build of the game and contained several sound/graphical glitches, none of which I saw in the main game by the way.

      • ah ok will check the demo out, I want an RPG similar to those but I guess they are one of a kind

  3. Looks good. I love pirate themes and Amalur is a great game so I’ll definitely pick this up once I’m through the game. Currently Lv 31 (out of 40) and I still haven’t left the first zone of the game… There are so many sidequests and I can’t just ignore them…

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