Win a PS Vita (And Games)

Competition time!

TheSixthAxis has teamed up with the rather lovely bunch at Tecmo Koei Europe to bring our fabulous UK readers a pretty awesome prize.

We have one bundle to give away, which will contain the following:

  • 1 PS Vita (Wi-fi) console.
  • 1 copy of Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus for the Vita.
  • 1 copy of Dynasty Warriors NEXT for the Vita.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus scored well in our review, and has a fighting system that is still wonderful to use, even after all these years. Jim was also positive about Dynasty Warriors NEXT, saying it “marks a hike in quality for the series’ branch of portable titles”.

To be in with a chance to win this bundle of loveliness you simply have to leave a comment below telling us what you’d do if you were granted the skills of a ninja for the day.

The competition ends at 9pm (UK time) on Sunday March 25th, and the winner will be chosen by our good friend and notified via the email address they signed up to TheSixthAxis with.

It’s worth reiterating that this competition is UK only. We spoke to Tecmo Koei about this and unfortunately they weren’t able to extend this to the EU.

Good luck!

Terms and conditions:

  • Only one comment per TSA account allowed, and only one account per person allowed.
  • No cash alternatives.
  • Prize is supplied by Tecmo Koei, and may take 30 days or so to arrive.
  • Random decision is final.
  • Our normal Terms apply.


  1. I would just jump from roof to roof, go as high as I could go and just watch the world go by. Simple pleasures :)

  2. I would turn vigilante and protect the citizens of my small town.

  3. If I was a Ninja for the day, I would steal an iPad 3, an iPhone 4S, the biggest HDTV I could find, every PS3 game, a PS Vita and put to sleep anyone who got in my way.

    ** I don’t believe in stealing or hurting people, the above is just a dream, lol.

  4. Even if I wanted to enter the competition(i’m in ireland), i’d nick the tsa supply of biscuits and store in a fridge in a vault in switzerland.

  5. play fruit ninja for real show kinect how its done.

  6. I would watch some TV, much like what people do but doing it as a ninja is much more cooler. For example, the simple act of watching the TV involves sneaking up to the sofa, carefully putting your hand down the back of the cushions without disturbing anything to find the remote. Then using the ninja skills turn on the TV and quickly silence it if it makes too much noise. Then hang off the light to watch the TV in case someone walks through he door. All this to watch Jeremy Kyle without being found out :)

  7. In the style of a true ninja, I cannot tell you what I’m doing for the day.
    Needless to say though, you wouldn’t see me.

    (Can’t enter, by the way)

  8. UK only :(

    • “We spoke to Tecmo Koei about this and unfortunately they weren’t able to extend this to the EU.”

      Thanks to TSA for trying anyway :D

  9. If I was granted the skills of a ninja you wouldn’t know that am granted the skills of a ninja cause am a ninja. Did you just see what I did…No…Well there you go am a ninja…I move in silent like a G in Lasagne

  10. I would finally get my revenge on the evil Samurai mafia who killed all my family when I was a boy. I would start by sneaking around invisible as the wind, gaining intel and maybe a few silent assassinations, then move onto an all out battle moving up through a skyscraper, dispatching my enemies in droves. Finally I would reach the top and fight The Boss!

    This wouldn’t go well initially and I would get my ass kicked until I focused all my ninja powers and countered his killing blow, leaving him open for my own killing blow.

    Good movie huh? :P

    • And i thought my life was hard *4 kids* lol.

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