More Developers Hiring For Next Gen

The number of studios adding to their teams is increasing every week. It’s nice to see some positive jobs news in game development and it’s interesting to see how these development studios advertise to work on projects which their publishers and platform holders are still either denying or ignoring.

This time, it’s Remedy (Alan Wake) who are hiring more than 20 people to work on “an unannounced project targeted at future generation consoles”. Sounds like they’re about to start making games for that console Microsoft isn’t announcing soon. Worth noting that they mention “future consoles” too. Is that a sign that they might be moving away from Microsoft-only releases?

[drop2]Also boosting the global job market is Zindagi, the guys who made what many still consider Move’s best bit of software – Sports Champions. They’re hiring a Game Software Engineer to work on “the next generation home console” and their advert makes strong references to both Move and their close relationship with Sony. So can we assume that Move will have some prominence in Sony’s next console?

They’re also hiring for several other roles, including a Graphics Software Engineer, a Build and Tools Software Engineer and a Game Artist – all roles which would very much be kept busy in the early stages of building a new game engine and pitching new game ideas. You know, new games for that console that doesn’t exist?

Of course, maybe they’re both just working on something for the Wii U…

Source: Remedy, Zindagi, Gamasutra



  1. Move for PS4, then.

    • Think it was always inevitable, but wether it will work better is a different story.

      • Also I’d be a bit pissed off it wasn’t I guess. Spent a good amount on those dusty peripherals.

  2. If it meant no gimmicks and all games controlled with a pad, I’d take the hit on my move and chalk it up yo experience.

  3. i can’t imagine remedy was very happy about how their exclusive 360 release of Alan Wake has turned out.

    • they can always do what BioWare did sign a deal with EA for mass effect 2 to be published through EA rather than make it exclusive to MS, MS only has rights for ME1 so they could do same thing have rights for Alan wake 1…Does that make sense lol

  4. I love my ps3 but cannot wait to see what the concept of ps4 will entail. Boggles the mind….the thought of adding to my PlayStation is a awesome one…

  5. I don’t see how a console can get any prettier than the PS3 60GB with it’s shiny body and a chrome trim…….

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