RBS Rumoured For Late Game Group Bid

RBS, the bank that the British taxpayer bailed out due to their irresponsible lending, looks like it might back a bid for Game — if the Daily Mail is to be believed. HM Treasury (the UK government) owns an 84% stake in the banking and insurance holding company, thanks to the government rescue as it was about to collapse in 2008.

The Mail’s Thisismoney website says that RBS is leading a consortium which is watching the situation and preparing to swoop on the most attractive areas of the business, should it go into administration as expected later today.


According to the website, once Pricewaterhouse Cooper officially begins Game Group’s administration period, bids are likely from OpCapita and GameStop too.

Source: Thisismoney, via VG247



  1. But this is according to the Daily Fail and therefore must not be believed.

    • Won 8 awards, including newspaper of the year, at the 2012 Press Awards.

      • Crikey, who were the other nominees? The Sun & the News of the World??

      • I don’t really care how many awards it won tbh, it’s total rubbish, one of the worst excuses for a newspaper I’ve ever seen.

      • Interestingly, this site is dedicated to the absolute nonsense they publish:


      • It’s not my paper of choice either. But it’s also ‘fashionable’ to hate the Daily Mail, which I think can be just as ignorant as some of the stories they write!

      • I’m not really bothered whether it’s fashionable or not. I wear jeans and t-shirt mostly, that’s fashionable, can’t be anything wrong with that can there?

        The paper spouts shite on a daily basis. Fashionable or not, it’s a terrible “newspaper”.

      • Inaccurate, lying, idiotic drivel that paper is.

      • How do people know if they don’t read it?

      • Tactical – see the website I linked you to.

      • I did, but doesn’t look like the site has been updated since Nov 2011?

      • Any paper that supported fascism, whose proprietor used to hang out with Mussolini and Hitler, whose staff turned up to work in black shirts to show support for Moseley is one that I have no time for.

        Fashion has nothing to do with it, The Mail is just extremely right wing and has detestable (imo) attitudes to social policy, bordering on xeno/homophobia a lot of the time. and the Daily Mail tries to dress that up with a facade of middle class respectability. Just listen to anything that comes out of the mouths of it’s journalists (Melanie Philips particularly) on Question Time, if you find yourself nodding in agreement, you should probably worry.

        I could go on, but I won’t as reading text on a screen probably causes cancer, so here’s a link for any who are interested.

      • Bit silly saying you don’t like the Mail because of stuff that happened over 60 years ago, lol!

      • Hardly and besides that, I take it you didn’t read anything else I typed?

  2. Guessing that’s the online sales side they’re after then.

  3. This is quite interesting, is it the government knowing thousands will lose jobs thats pushing RBS to take an interest?

  4. BBC news just reported they have now gone into administration.

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