Sony Announces New “First Party Publishing” and “Online Service” Divisions

In news that will almost certainly rock your world and turn your breakfast all upside your head, Sony have restructured a little bit.

From the 1st of April (yeah, I know) Sony, or at least SCEJ, will have new “First Party Publishing” and “Online Service” divisions. The former falls within publisher and developer relations, and the latter sales and marketing.


From the same day, president Hiroshi Kawano will oversee business strategy, explains the press release.  Hopefully this means that The Last Guardian will either appear, or vanish.



  1. So are these entirely new divisions or have these existed under a different name/encompassed in a different department? If they are entirely new, Its a good sign that Sony realise that these are areas that they need to do better in, especially the Online Services marketing.

  2. the leader of the decepticons is taking over sony?
    AWESOME! ^_^

    • I think you imagined an extra ‘r’. :-)

      Aren’t you normally of the opinion that the Decepticons run SCEE anyway? :-p

      • nah, decpticons are competent as well as evil, so it couldn’t have been them. ^_^

    • It said Megaton not Megatron

      • i know, that was kinda the joke.
        pretend like you misread it and react to the misread version.

        i never said it was a good joke. ^_^

      • It was a good joke, until you explained it.

  3. That’s interesting. I’m often first to lambaste Sony for marketing (or lack thereof) and I’m wondering if these new divisions will help address what appears to be utter amateurishness on their part with certain titles, merchandising, promotion, etc.

  4. I soooooooooooo want ‘The Last Guardian’ :P Just got the Platinum on ‘ICO’ just now! :P 1hour 59mins & 15sec total time LoL:D (NEVER AGAIN tho :-/ F**K those hard Trophies from now on) + Played a bit of ‘SoTC’ which is ok, will try & kill all the monsters i suppose just to see how the game ends if i can;)

  5. Hummmm tidying up it seems….

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