Shoot Many Robots Gets PC Release Date

Demiurge Studios and Ubisoft have announced that Shoot Many Robots will release on April 6th through Steam, at a price of £7.99.

Shoot Many Robots will also have pre order bonuses including:

  •  Buy three copies of the game, get one free (the Steam Four Pack)
  • Special Gear  so you use Gordon Freeman from Half Life.
  • Portal turrets will replace some of the enemy robots.
  • The Chopper Bot backpack from Team Fortress 2 for the Pyro and Medic classes.

“We’re dedicated PC gamers here at Demiurge Studios, and we wanted to make sure and take the time to do the PC version right.

We rebuilt the controls for PC and overhauled all the user interface so it won’t feel like you’ve turned your keyboard into a gamepad that makes clicky sounds – every detail has been considered to make this an optimized and seamless experience.” said Albert Reed, CEO.

The PC version of Shoot Many Robots will have grapics up to a resolution of 2560×1600 and will run at 60 FPS.

Kris reviewed Shoot Many Robots when it released on XBLA & PSN earlier this month saying, “the action packed nature and general ridiculous feel you get from the game will keep you amused throughout,” giving the game 7/10.

Source: Press Release




  1. If they throw a demo on Steam too, consider me truly interested.

    Lovely to hear about them taking time with the PC version and addressing the controls. Other developers – take note!

  2. Good to see them making sure it’s done right for the PC crowd. I tried the demo on PSN and while it was fun, it’s not really my type of thing and I couldn’t imagine myself playing a whole game of it.

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