Wrecked: Revenge Revisited Review (PSN/XBLA)

Almost a write off.

Combat or battle racing games should be relatively straightforward: you race while fighting other competitors with the use of a variety of weapons. Wrecked: Revenge Revisited, developed by Supersonic Studios & published by 505 Games, has cars, tracks and weapons, but the battle racing seems to be almost nonexistent.

That’s not good when the game is described as “the next evolution of explosive battle racing fun.”

[drop]Let’s start with the single player. This consists of a Challenge Mode, which has 24 challenges, split into 4 categories. These are Speed, Weapon, Skill & Elite – a total of 6 challenges in each category. The challenges have Bronze, Silver & Gold rankings so there is some replayability available. There are also a total of 6 tracks, across which the challenges take place, split into 3 types.

There’s the Jungle type, the Desert type and the Snow type. The Snow tracks probably hold the most challenge as you have to drift around icy corners. Each track does look good, my favourite having to be Jungle Falls which takes place through an abandoned city that nature has reclaimed.

Speed challenges consist of navigating the 6 tracks in the fastest possible time. Weapon challenges challenge you with tasks from destroying AI cars and completing laps of a track in the fastest time possible, to dropping mines in target areas.

The Skill challenges consist of collecting coins around some tracks, navigating a track while the throttle is jammed and trying to complete a lap as a fast as possible while dragging a caravan behind you. You can’t fault the devs for trying something a bit different with the caravan, but you can fault them for including a terrible voice track of an old lady complaining should you bump the caravan against a wall. It doesn’t work as decent humour and gets annoying quickly.

The Elite Challenges throw down conditions like having a bomb strapped to the car, meaning should you even touch a wall you’ll explode and fail. There’s also a couple of obstacle courses which were actually quite fun to navigate. What’s really missing from these challenges is the racing. Out of 24 challenges only 4 consisted of actually battling AI cars, the 20 other challenges being variations of a Time Attack mode, trying to out-do ghost cars.

Those 4 challenges showcase what Wrecked: Revenge Revisited could have been. They showed the beginnings of good combat racing, with the addition of obstacles on the tracks. However, despite the promise that was shown with those challenges, there are some design and control decisions that warrant raising an eyebrow.

[drop2]First: the camera. The player has absolutely no control over the camera, leaving you at the mercy of trying to follow it moving from a view behind the bumper to a bird’s eye view in the space of a few seconds. It can be very disorientating.

Then there’s Turbo Boost. The majority of racers have a button which activates boost on a vehicle. Wrecked is not one of those games. Instead, boost is activated by quick tapping brake followed by double tapping accelerate. It’s, quite frankly, a stupid decision when, at least on PS3, both R1 and L1 have no actions mapped to them.

There is also no option to change the control layout, so you’re stuck with this decision, not that boost really adds much advantage, lasting about a second. Also, you only have one life per challenge. There are no checkpoints so if you fall off an edge or explode, you have to start the challenge again.

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited also has both local and online multuplayer, supporting up to 4 players. However, it’s not split-screen. Locally, all players share the same screen and should you fall behind the pack, you get eliminated. The same applies to online mode.

I have to admit, there is some fun to be found in the multiplayer. If you get eliminated you aren’t out of the action. Instead you take control of airstrikes to take out the surviving drivers. The winner is the person who scores the most points, which come from surviving.


  • Tracks look good.
  • Customisable cars.
  • Some fun in multiplayer.
  • Cheap.
  • Some replayability.


  • Not a real battle racer.
  • No camera control can lead to failure.
  • Silly boost control system.
  • Controls can be a bit jerky.
  • Unnecessary voice work.

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited simply isn’t a battle racer. Yes, there are elements of the battle racing but this is more a time attack mode with few actual battle racing events. The multiplayer does have some fun in it, but it’s only really good if played in short bursts.

Score: 4/10


  1. Mashed was an amazing game on the ps2 that I still play on occasion, but put countless hours into it years ago. Just to make it clear to everyone thinking of buying this game – this is not mashed, it is wrecked. The steering and collision physics are nothing like mashed, so even though I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was announced, I won’t be buying it. Again, a remake has been made to appeal to the fans and the masses and has become so thinly spread that it doesn’t do either. Yes, I’m still p****d of about goldeneye reloaded :p

  2. Ouch….passing this then….

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