AION Celebrates Free To Play Success

Gameforge has just released figures for MMORPG AION, which went Free To Play last month and it looks like good news for the developers.

Over 750,000 new accounts have been registered since the switch to the FTP model, and 20,000 new accounts are being registered each day. The total playing time in the last month comes 1,777 years and over 74.5 million quests have been completed.

“With the successful launch of the AAA title AION, Gameforge has heralded the start of a new era  for its free-to-play sector. Further AAA titles will follow in the coming months”, said Alexander Rösner, CEO of Gameforge.

Gameforge is currently working on content update 3.0 for AION, which will include a level cap increase, a housing system and additional mounts.

Source: Press Release



  1. Impressive numbers. I hope PSO2 will make a similar impact.

    • Indeed, deserves it. I’ve been playing the Jpn ver. and its certainly a fun game to play.

  2. Wow, impressive figures. I signed up for a freebie account but haven’t got round to downloading the game yet.

    • Good bloody luck with that, mate.

      Their launcher / downloader is hands down the single worst launcher I have ever used in my history of computing, and I have dabbled in like 10 MMOs in my time.

      It makes me want to take up drinking.

      I just wanted to faff about on the game now that it’s free, I kinda miss the flight mechanic.

      Y u no work like normal launchers. Y.

      *drowns his sorrows in some Volvic*

      • Haha I thought it was just me who hated that launcher. It started downloading the game, only to stick on 13% for well over 3 hours. Internet connection was solid and running at a steady rate but the launcher was having none of it :(

      • Indeed, it also appears to believe that my 2880 kbps ADSL can download at 4.0 MB/sec.


      • Sounds like you can’t operate a computer correctly, just download the launcher and install the game or maybe you should just buy a Xbox or PS3, maybe your just stupid.

      • Idiot

      • You really think that they haven’t done this already in order to be complaining about its poor quality with specifics?

        You also think it’s big and clever to insult people on the internet?

        Apologise or get out.

  3. Probably check this out sometime in the future, looks alright and whats to lose when its free to play :D

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