New Uncharted 3 Map Pack Launches Next Week

It’s the one fortune hunters across the globe have been waiting for; after two retro map packs, a barrage of skins and co-op updates, players will finally be able to get their hands on four newly designed maps for Drake’s Deception.

Over the past few weeks Naughty Dog has been teasing the upcoming DLC which will include four battlegrounds inspired by the latest game in the mainstream series. These will include Graveyard, Oasis, Old Quarter, and London Streets, the former allowing players to fight underwater.


Each of the new maps, like some of the originals, will have cinematic events that trigger randomly. In the case of Graveyard, a patrol ship will perform a gun run whereas in Oasis a carrier will drop a crate from above. If you happen to get caught beneath the drop then it’s lights out, but if you hang around long enough you can get your hands on the hidden bonus inside (an RPG, maybe?)

The map pack will go on sale for €9.99/£7.99 in next week’s PSN update. For those who forked out £20 for the Fortune Hunters Club (season) pass, this will be the last free update you are entitled to.

Naughty Dog is promising that is still more DLC to come, some of which will be detailed in an upcoming post on the PlayStation Blog.

Source: Official PS Blog



  1. Nifty. I got bored of the multiplayer very quickly but glad to see the game is still being supported.

  2. Oasis looks great.
    The others looks good too, but Oasis strikes me as the stand-out, even more than the underwater fighting.

  3. Kinda shady of them to shove the Fortune Hunters Club full of old content and one new map pack. Now the further DLC is gonna be new maps I bet.

    • I thought h/club incl all maps, present & future? Or does it incl co-op aswell? It states 4 map packs in the psStore.
      (Bought UC3 this wk & was just now checking out the dlc.)

      • I’m not entirely sure, as I have not bought the fortune hunters pack, nor any map-packs yet (that’s about to change), but I belive it includes all DLC released so far, including this new map-pack. But not the DLC that’s still to come.

      • As in, is co-op dlc incl, to make up the “four” content drops?
        Or is co-op dlc a seperate payment on top of the pass?

        The later is how I read it.

      • @25Kennykazey…
        It states in ps store, for the four map packs when released.
        Which led me to believe co-op dlc, is a stand alone payment, but the H30s’ comment put a doubt in my mind, as it contradicts it.

      • Everything that is DLC so far is included in Fortune Hunters Pack. This will be the last DLC included and also the Fortune Hunters pack will be gone soon.

      • @25Bodachi, thank you.
        @25Kennykazey, 25? me either (typo.)
        @naughtydog, It’s shaping up to look like t.woods’ dlc list, £££.
        They should keep the pass, or incl last years maps free. So much for the global economic crisis registering on their radar.

  4. A map based on the sinking sealiner — now that would have been groundbreaking.

  5. I’m guessing one of the reasons we have been getting old maps so far is because they needed time to create new ones.

  6. Must get back into uncharted online, but with the mighty ps3 roster and the game crumble I’m snowed under great games…

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