Skyrim 1.5 Patch On PS3 Has Massive Bug

As I have a few days to myself I thought I would crack on with Skyrim,  it’s just been patched so everything should be fine now, no backwards dragons, no dodgy quests, right?



Turns out that the latest patch on PlayStation 3 has a new bug; When your character enters water the game crashes and it’s time to hold down the power button and reset the console.

Bethesda’s solution: Delete your game data and reinstall the whole package including the updates.

My solution: Swear at Bethesda, throw Skyrim in the bin.

Thanks to gazo69 for the tip.

Source: Bethesda Forums



  1. LOLrim.

  2. Wait…what?

    Delete the patch and reinstall…is that right?

    Bugthesda strikes again.

    • No, delete both the game data and update data (seperate files) NOT, I repeat, NOT your save files and then reinstall. I’d heard about the bug before I updated so I just did it before I updated and haven’t had a problem. Irritating? Yes. Solved in less than 10 minutes? Also, yes. Hate it when people ask themselves questions? Hell yes ;)

  3. Not impressed. Nearly finished it but wont touch it again until this is fixed

  4. Good for new players, no?

  5. Pain in the arse having to reinstall everything, but I have been playing most of the day with no crashes at all! Hopefully that was the last of the massive bugs!

  6. If this truly is the case, what a pathetic situation. :-\

  7. This is rubbish! Skyrim will stay on the shelf for a few more months then…

    • same here… too bad, i was hoping i could try getting the plat soon…

  8. So…. if I walk in or near water Skyrim is destroyed?

    Thats pathetic

    • If you on the point of swimming in the water, yes the game crashes. As pointed out above, deleting the install and patch and reinstalling everything fixes the problem. And it’s only the most recent patch you’ll have to download, surprisingly.

      • can’t vouch for that. i’ve done both and it still froze on me -.-

    • Me knows but in the end is shoddy work

  9. weird not happened to me been in loads of water.

    • plus the game has been working great the save files are so small now.

  10. i can’t help but feel this is something they should have been able to spot in testing.

    • >Implying Bethesda even have a “testing” process.
      In all seriousness, this sort of stuff shouldn’t see the light of day. Doesn’t stop me playing their games mind you.

    • Heh, yeah. Whoever tests these patches (if at all) SURELY went for a swim… Right? :S

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