Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Officially Announced for PC

Some more information coming out of the Namco event – Dark Souls is coming to the PC on August 24th!


This edition, titled “Prepare to Die”, will feature new content such as a “huge” boss that has a lion face, but also horns AND wings.

We’ll post up any more information as soon as we get it.

Source: Twitter.



  1. “new content such as a “huge” boss that has a lion face, but also horns AND wings.”


    • No, I think it’s called a manticore or something.

      • Almost but no, a manticore has a human face, that is a chimera. Nice to see that they added it back in. Was kind of a bummer to see it in the art book but not in the game. Hoping that they pach the prepare to die stuff to the console version or at least release DLC.

      • Well, I took a guess. I seem to recall a similar creature in Heroes of Might and Magic III being called manticore. And we all know the Chimera is an alien race hellbent on destroying us in the past :-P

  2. The only disappointing part of it is GFWL, its a horrible system shame they couldn’t go for Steamworks or JUST something that doesn’t require another useless forgettable sign-in feature.

    • They will lose a ridiculous amount of sales because of GFWL. I know for one Im not buying it because of that and i sure im not the only one. GFWL is a broken piece of crap.

  3. Anybody know if the extra content will become available for PS3 at all? I know they said there would be no DLC but this perhaps changes things somewhat?

    • There better be, or most of the fanbase will turn into an angry mob.

      • lol, hadn’t thought of that, but you’ve a damned good point.

  4. Why do i get the feeling that in order to install it, we have to fight the actual game using nothing but a paper clip? :p

    What is GWFL as i’ve never heard of it untill today? Surely, Steam would be the ideal way to sell it on PC due to the massive userbase?

    • GFWL is Games For Windows Live.

      • Oh, that i have heard of. Just thought it was MS’s PC gaming division that can authorise any game for windows.

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