Kaz Hirai Outlines Sony Strategy, Confirms Job Cuts

Kazuo Hirai, chisel-jawed PlayStation proponent, is now the head honcho at Sony. He’s the boss, the main man, the dude with the keys to the executive bathroom. The former PlayStation Computer Entertainment president is now so valued by Sony that they call him President and CEO.

This morning, Hirai has addressed Sony’s poor financial performance, as we expected him to. Firstly, he has confirmed the 10,000 job losses company-wide that we reported so let’s start by saying how unfortunate that is and that we sympathise with anyone affected. They have stated that a portion of those jobs will likely be shifted to partner companies and subsidiaries rather than lost altogether so there’s still hope. But the other things he said sound like movement in the right direction.


In a press release issued by the company this morning, they’ve outlined a plan to focus on digital imaging, games and mobile. That’s cameras, PlayStation and their rapidly improving mobile phone offerings. So it sounds like, as advised by every armchair analyst, they’re cutting back their focus on TV. They will still be targeting TV business though, aiming at opening new markets – which, to me, sounds like a shift in the price/quality focus to appeal to a less affluent market.

The Company also aims to increase sales by enriching its catalog of downloadable game titles and subscription services available through the PSN platform, and also by expanding the lineup of PlayStation Suite compatible devices and content

So, more PSN games, more streaming services and finally giving their Android platform a bit of a push. That all sounds like good news.



  1. sounds good in all, except for the job cuts obviously. It’s about time they focused a bit more on certain markets and I’m glad they will on PSN, as needs to be improved massively. To me its a complete mess on the Playstation Store, and the prices for full games is ridiculous.

    • I agree. Some of the prices of PSP games are extortionate and we are missing a lot of good games. All 3 regions of the PS store are vastly different as well in the games and the way you can search. I don’t understand why there isn’t one universal store or at least merge EU and USA since they are both in english.

  2. shit.

    I hope this isn’t how I learn I lost my job.

    • Crikey – I hope so too. That would be pretty awful!

    • oh, I feel awful now :(
      It sounds like they’re cutting back on the manufacturing that they own, but they’ll just outsource most of that to external companies and subsidiaries. Hopefully there won’t be that many actual job losses – just jobs that aren’t technically with Sony anymore.

      • Ha, don’t feel bad man. We’re on Easter shutdown anyway so it’s the only way to find out ;) I think I should be okay, we’re profitable and had a reduction in staff so we’re undermanned anyway.

      • what do you do Blayney? fingers crossed for you.

      • Electronic Technician in the Sony Broadcast Camera factory in Pencoed.

  3. I love SONY’s TV’s :P Still going to get a 46″ HD SONY TV soon :P The only thing SONY should do is stop pushing 3D :-/ No one wants it unless they can make a 3D TV’s without glasses maybe + shame about the Job losses + it’s good news for PlayStation Fans & bad news for the vile PlayStation internet haters. PlayStation is here to stay! LoL:D

  4. Never good news when people start losing their jobs, hopefully they`ll be able to pull out of money-losing markets without losing too many people.
    I was also wondering whether “subscription services available through the PSN platform” could mean an expanded PS+ service, or maybe even additional functionality for the Vita (pay £XPM and get Access to PS1 or select PSN games on Vita etc).

    i know its morbid but i find it fascinating what a huge company does when its in trouble, akin to watching a massive liner make sharp turns.

    • You’d be absolutely amazed at how ‘last minute’ some of the decisions that they make are.

  5. Blayney, I probably know you in person! I work there too! How random…

  6. Shame. Seriously no job is safe….

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