New Metal Gear Solid Vita Screenshots


These screenshots were sent about 20 hours ago, so chances are they’ve already been leaked and published by the time this post goes up. I’m even writing this IN THE PAST, which just goes to show you how amazing the universe and all that is.

METAL GEAR SOLID HD Collection includes METAL GEAR SOLID 2: Sons of Liberty and METAL GEAR SOLID 3: Snake Eater, and a certain amount of unnecessary capitalisation.

Both titles, according to the PR, feature “stunning, upgraded graphics, optimized controls and trophies that are shared via TRANSFARRING (save data sharing) with the PS3 title of the same name.”

Look out, in these slightly dull and washed out looking screenshots, for “intense action”. Rawr. They were good old fashioned Windows BMP files at about 2MB each too, so praise Solid Snake himself for the Joint Photographic Expert Group.


  1. Good to know these share trophies with the PS3 version and that the save files can be transfered. Due to my PS3 backlog I think I’ll buy this (despite having it on PS3) since there isn’t much else I want on Vita and can always transfer the files. Plus I think they’ll look less dated on a smaller screen! :)

    • Screen shots look great too!

      • Touche pretty much everything i wanted say

      • Lol, plus there may be minor improvements and some innovative touch-screen elements!

      • true that, am interested in this swipe the back to kill an enemy, just hope it wont swipe everytime i put my hands at the back

  2. Sold. Think I’ll appreciate these more on the Vita then on the Ps3. Just need to get Peace Walker, the PSP version will probably be fine.

  3. I was wondering if Peace Walker would still make it onto the Vita so I checked the Konami site, sadly it looks like it won’t. Shame really. Are you still gonna get it Youles?

    • Yup, think I’ll play PW on PS3 but the other 2 on Vita. We should arrange anothe PW Meet soon! :)

      • Indeed! Tomorrow night?

      • Not back home until Sunday I’m afraid, only have my Vita with me! :(

      • Ah well never mind, I’ll check my diary for evenings in the next few weeks but I think i’ll be busy with revision, sorry. And stop showing off that you have a bloody Vita :)

      • Is Peace Walker playable on Vita from the PSP store?
        I think it is, if you transfer it from PS3, am I right?

      • I didn’t know it was on PS Store….I shall check!

      • I know it’s on the PS3 PSN store anyway. I remember seeing it there.

        It SHOULD be compatible with Vita…

  4. Can’t wait for this. Not too bothered about the lack of peace walker but to have 2 and 3 on the vita will be great

  5. So they drop the game designed for a portable device? Makes sense.

  6. Could do with another game for my Vita. haven’t played the early MGS titles.

    • Same here, not much else on the horizon for my Vita so will pick these up – plus I never played MGS3 despite owning it.

  7. This’ll look great on Vta. I was going to get it for PS3 but I’ll go for the Vita version now.

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