Meet the Reader: Heedbaw

Now, everyone that’s read this far has figured out already that you know R1MJAW within the physical world, but I’ve completely forgotten which of you introduced the other to TSA! How did you stumble across this veritable haven of nonsense?

I found out about it through someone I was working with, well I say working we generally sat around all day browsing sites and talking nonsense. Since then I just kept coming back, as I liked the community feel and the style of writing.

I have been a bit slack lately when it comes to participating, but it’s still the number one site I visit when looking for gaming news, and the regular GT5 meets are still good fun.

Yup, Jambo and I were talking about you’ve made a bit more of an appearance of late. Welcome back, I guess! So, it was you that introduced R1M to this site?

Thanks. And it was I who introduced R1M.

Back to meets, I’m enjoying monday nights on GT5 again, and have been tempted to get some BF3 loving but I just can’t afford it at the moment.

Do you like the Battlefield, then? Or is it another peer pressure thing?

Not really for the game. BFBC2 was awesome fun during the meets, and I’d assume BF3 will be more of the same. It’s really more to do with joining in to some meets again than anything else.

Everything’s more fun when you can whinge and moan at people over headsets!

Yeah whinge, moan, or get abused. But at least when it’s people you know it’s always that bit better. Randoms doing the same are just whiney bitches, but with friends it alters that and it get’s a lot more hilarious.

Absolutely. So who, from all these meets, have you spent the most time bitching to? From the kinds of meets you seem to attend, I’m sure I could put in some educated guesses.

I will deduct TSA points from people you don’t mention, but that I feel are within those groups. The pressure is on!

Ha, I don’t bitch! Well that’s not quite true but I am a quiet person, and anyone will be lucky if they can remember talking to me.

Recently for GT5 it’s always good with Jambo, Manor, Freeze, Lee, CarBoyCam, and yourself, although I’ve not seen you on for donkey’s. With MAG and Resistance 2, and the KZ2 and KZ3 meets, where doing the rounds there was yourself again, Topgearsam, Spoof, Rob, BBB, and more!

My god, I’m surprised my brain pulled all those out the bag!

Ruh roh! Looks like Roynaldo’s getting points removed! Oh, and I’ll be there on Monday for GT5.

Can I not take the hit, as it’s my brain at fault?

Haha. I was only kidding about the TSA point removal.

So you’ve not turned into a little hitler-style power-mad mod once you’ve been given a sniff of power?

Have you not noticed this for the last 2 years? AG and I have been messing about with everyone’s lives all this time!

I thought that there had been some strange goings on. You must be subtly tweaking people for them not to notice. Generally mods go for the full on ‘Do as I say not as I do thing’ from what I’ve experienced at other sites

We’re full on psychological warfare masters! Also, we like giving stuff away, so everyone loves us no matter what.

I see, go for the distraction with trinkets whilst going about the dirty deed. I’ll need to watch out for those competitions next time.

Well, since you brought them up, what competitions have you enjoyed the most? I believe you’ve taken part in several.

That segue was sweet, right?

Yeah, that was a good opening.

I took part in the F1 2010 championship and the GT5 championship. Both were awesome fun with plenty of tight races going on all the way through. I think that’s the only two I have entered, never tried any of the King of Killzone ones as I’m gash at FPS’s.

Could’ve sworn you did, but maybe I was simply assuming…

Could well have, as I say the memory is a bit leaky. Too much over exuberance was a youngster has impacted on memory capacity I think

Not the first person to say that. Oh, this is another awesome segue point!

So, on the topic of over exuberance away from gaming, how do you occupy your time away from TSA and games?

Haha, that’s a toughie as I’ve got nothing to occupy my time other than games at the moment. If I had some pennies I would be out running about on my bike, but I’ve  no tax or M.O.T. Likewise I have no pennies to go out clubbing or socialising. Occasionally I’ll drag my arse round to R1Ms and we’ll… play games.

Any non-game time I’ll do a bit of reading, watch some movies, or a bit of mixing.

A motorised bike?

Yeah, a push bike is asking a bit much of my poor frame.

Less hurty if you fall off, I guess. Cheaper too? Lack of money takes the fun out of everything!

I dunno I hurt myself more the last time I fell off my BMX than I did my motorbike.

Did you go skidding along the floor like they do in MotoGP, and the like?

I sure did, I was quite lucky as I slid in a straight line. If I had drifted to the right I was going under a truck.

Sounds like quite a scary close call.

Stupid eBay.

It’s one of those ones, not scary at the time, but looking back it sends shivers down the spine

eBay? Looking for?

I hate it when the other people bid at the last second better than I do. Trying to get a CPU for a cheap PC build I’m putting together.

Ah, I’ve never gotten into the eBay bidding war thing.

What’s the spec?

Oh, it’s not bidding wars, but jumping in at the last moment.

Trying to get a Q8000 or Q9000 series Core 2 Quad, to go with some other parts I’ve scraped together, like an AMD 5670. That sort of thing

Nice, So an AMD Athlon 2600 is out of the question?

The free motherboard I got for Intel CPUs kind of does, yeah. Thanks for the offer. I guess I can kind of just put it in place, and then hit it with a hammer. That might work, right?

A hammer might be a bit much, maybe a hacksaw to lop off the pins would be a better bet?

Ooh, much better plan indeed.

OK, I think it’s about time to wrap this up, dude.

No worries, it has been a fair old ramble!

Haha, I will finish it on this question, and just hope that you can answer it: Snog, Civil Partnership, Slap and Shark Attack the four podcast hosts Peter, Lewis, Kris and Kev?

Hmm, I’ll put my hand up to ignorance here. I must admit I’ve not listened to a podcast for a couple of years. So I’ll plump for Peter as a snog since he continues to bring us TSA goodness, Kris for the civil partnership as his dance moves are awesome, slap Kev and his damn good Nathan Drake looks, which is unfortunately leaving Lewis with the shark attack.

Awww… A second failure. I’ll get one for a price I’m willing to pay sooner or later!

Damn. I’ve got an Intel Pentium if that’s any use. A mighty 900mhz of processing power!

Can it do Crysis?

Hell yeah!

Sounds good, I’ll take it! Alright! We’ve come to the end of our rambling chat, but before I release you back out into the wild, do you have anything to say to the readers that made it this far?

Live long and prosper, and go forth and multiplyto mix up a few random quotes.

With that, Heedbaw ran off into the Long Grass once more. When will he reappear? Well, probably when you’re 2 or 3 steps away from making it back to a town to heal up!

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  1. Ha great read, one of my psn chums. Wanna play killzone after reading this.

  2. Had fun racing GT5 with heed’ back in the early days of the game. Haven’t done a meet in a very long time though.

    • Join in on Monday mate if your up for it. The meets are still great fun.

    • Some of those early meets were quite bonkers too, especially those hat involved half the field running in reverse. Should get yourself back on as the Monday night meets are a good laugh.

  3. nice read, its like reading a lil bio of people I dont know lol

    nice meet you

  4. ahhh this was hilarious!
    thanks for an insight into you :D

  5. Nice to know a bit more about you Heed!

    One question though, for anyone on here. Everyone seems to never shorten my name to Cam. It’s always CBC or CarBoyCam. I don’t mind a bit of shortening here and there. :P

    • He did, I edited, because he then had to clarify. Camdaz was here first, is why.

      • Oh I see. God it sucks being the “clone”… XD

    • Yeah, you got the mention. Weirdly I remembered to elaborate as there is multiple Cam’s but I only thought of you. x

  6. Cumbernauld? *checks fence*

    • If that’s you just getting round to check the fence it’s already too late

  7. Nice one Al.
    Happy vision was awesome. We spent many hours playing Wipeout 2097 on it (amongst other things).

    • Indeed, the sessions that spring to mind are mostly the Tekken games. Which was generally always a room full of trousered people getting horsed by you and your claw.

  8. Ah Heed, the man with far too many Modnation tracks but nearly all of them good. (unlike a certain icu)

    Always fun racing with Heed, when he remembers to turn up or isnt sleeping that is.

    • Ah MNR tracks. Surprised myself when I had it on recently to find that I had about 50 of them up. ICU’s were a tad on the mental side but when they worked they were good.
      Lol, and I’ve done it again. Kind of. A bit too lazy to get signed in since this has been up, hence my late comments.

  9. STAR TREK QUOTE! Automatically my friend ;) Great read :P

    • Sweet, always good to have the captain on your side.

  10. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~\o/~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~

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