Rumours Suggest Apple Working With Valve On A Games Console

Rumours are currently floating around that suggest Apple might be working with Valve on a games console set to revolutionise the industry. Yes, it’s a rumour, but it’s hardly far fetched and, if it’s true, could very well be absolutely massive.

First up though, are the continued stories that Apple will be bringing out a TV set with built in iTunes functionality – this year. But more interesting are reports that Apple’s Tim Cook has been spotted over at Valve recently, and it’s from here that the big gossip is spreading.


CultOfMac, for example, say that such a collaboration will bring about an “Apple branded, Kinect-like” machine and that the company is planning a “full-on assault to take over the living room.” We can believe that.

Whether or not there’s a market for a digital download only box that’s aimed at both core and casual markets is anyone’s guess, but to rule out the potential of a combined effort from Apple and Valve would be folly.



  1. Hmm, this is very interesting, I’m excited to find out more.

  2. “Apple branded, Kinect-like” – No.
    Otherwise, would anybody here consider buying one of these? After 6 months with my Macbook pro, I’m overall not impressed with the restrictions that a gamer has on these. Thankfully I only really game on my Ps3.
    That was probably irrelevant, but still, no Apple product has convinced me that AAA games could ever be possible when they’re -just- for an Apple product, unless more people than Epic are willing to get on board and make GOOD games, rather than Gameloft’s (among others) shoddy attempts at making AAA games.

    • You went in blind (as a gamer) and expected anything but slim pickings from the Macbook Pro. Are you insane? :D

      • Yes. Yes I am.
        Overall it’s not a bad machine, Assassin’s creed and Crysis 2 run well (in bootcamp) so it’s not lacking in hardware, but when in OSX, it’s kind of a pain to find certain things that would be easy on Windows. Plus you can’t change graphics drivers, settings, BIOS, anything!
        But like I said, my Ps3’s for gaming…have you TRIED a headshot on a trackpad?! It’s impossible since you have to put three fingers on the pad to aim, then shoot…

      • Macbooks are not for gaming. They are for media like video editing, photoshop, musical needs and things like that.

    • MacBooks aren’t made for gaming! I played MW2 at full settings on my 2009 MBP and wow did it get HOT! Heatsink are far to small.

  3. nah, Cooks probably yelling at them to make sure more games are playable on the mac version of steam.

    Either that or he was having a Ann Summers party with Gabe…….yeah, i prefer that image ;)

  4. What is hard to swallow in this rumour is Apple. I wouldn’t be surprise by the least to see a Valve console getting on the market, but common sense would be to go with a Windows PC based machine, which has most stuff on Steam available. Of course, there’s always the fetish/drooling around Apple products, but I’d bet more as integrating Steam on Apple’s new TV box in order to provide a more robust gaming service than current Apple’s offering on iOS.

    • It doesn’t really make sense no matter which way you look at it. Apple would never license any kind of OS to another company and they would never integrate another gaming service in any of their products. Apple loves its 30% share for every sale and I think they are too proud to ask another company for help unless they bought it beforehand.

  5. Please let this be nothing more than a rumor. I’m really excited for the potential of a Valve backed gaming PC. There is nothing that Apple could bring to the table that I would be interested in. The fact that there is talk of a Kinect like experience only strengthens my opinion.
    I’m hoping that Tim only asked for more Mac support.

  6. this seems so far fetched.

  7. I’d be very surprised and disappointed if this were to transpire as true. I love Valve as a company and developer, and at best I’m indifferent to Apple.

    I’d be more inclined to think that Apple might be discussing the licensing of Steam and its library for a future Apple product, but a joint hardware collaboration I’m hopeful won’t be the case, purely because any collaboration on a joint platform would certainly mean a combination of two stores and catalogues that I personally would like to see remain apart.

    I’d love a piece of hardware from Valve, but not if it’s going to have a store that begins in i shoehorned into it.

  8. I reckon this has to do with AirPlay on the rumoured Steam console. AirPlay is the future!

  9. Sounds very plausible.

  10. With Sony,Microsoft, Nintendo, Onlive,Apple and Valve the market’s going to be pretty crowded. Perhaps joining together is a better strategy for Apple and Valve in that case although given how much they both like to control their assets it almost seems unlikely….. the itunes store on steam?
    I’m interested in seeing what they come out with, either seperately or together but it’s likely i’ll stick with my current brand – providing of course that all those nasty next-gen rumours don’t turn out to be true.. :/

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