Get The Sword & Sworcery Soundtrack Free With PC Game

Capybara’s Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP might have a silly name and a peculiar, pixelised art style but it’s a fantastically emotive game. The iOS game was a joy and the imminent PC release should be getting you excited, if you’re not already well aware of its charms.

Part of the emotive charm of the game is in the wonderful soundtrack by Jim Guthrie, entitled Ballad of the Space Babies. It’s a swelling, swirling sound that ebbs and flows beautifully. Some of the music actually inspired areas of the game, rather than simply being written to fit in with the on-screen action so it’s a kind of symbiotic experience.

Capybara Games has announced that anyone who buys the game’s PC version, available through Steam, will be given the soundtrack for free. They also mention a “psychosocial, audiovisual experiment” but offer no further details as to what that could mean and I dropped out of psychology at college so I can barely even spell it. Your guess is as good as mine.

Source: Capybara via Gamespy

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  1. I found the game to be quite a chore to get through but the graphical style was splendidly quirky and the soundtrack – holy Batman on a pogo-stick, it’s good. I never thought I’d hear such a wonderful soundtrack on an iDevice. It had me reaching for my headphones each and every time.

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