Official “God Of War Ascension” Reveal Is A Damp Squib, No More Details

The US PlayStation Blog has gone live with the big reveal, confirming that it’s God of War (as if it could have been anything else) but offering little in the way of details not already leaked or rumoured.

The only firm details are that it’s being directed by Todd Papy (although his name is spelled Pappy in the author bit) and that it’s exclusive to PS3. Yes, it’s skipping the Vita, which seems to be like being an odd choice. The Vita needs big game announcements and this just feels silly.


Frustratingly, Todd leaves us with another tease – we’ve to keep an eye on the Blog on Monday, April 30th at 8am Pacific Time for an actual (hopefully) look at the game itself.

The trailer and box art are here in our earlier post.

There’s nothing on the EU Blog yet.



  1. All I can think of the ‘Damp Squid’ bit from IT Crowd.

    • That was my first thought too

      • I think that they are putting this on too much of a pedal stool.

  2. Maybe Santa Monica have something else in the pipeline for Vita that we are as yet unaware of

    • Its bound to be if its a prequel. That is what I thought.

  3. Gameplay i hope.

  4. While a new GOW makes me happy, I’m sad it’s not coming to Vita :/

  5. Thank goodness it’s PS3 and not on a device that I don’t own.

    :D Yey for me! :D

  6. why would it be for Vita it has probably been in development way before Vita was around glad it is a PS3 game Vita will shine at E3 anyway.

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