Super Monkey Ball Vita Gets ‘Adult’ Map in Japan

Super Monkey Ball is a nice, harmless video game series playable by people of all ages, correct? If you thought it was then you were dead wrong it seems.

The new Super Monkey Ball for Vita, Banana Splitz, is actually likely to be one of the most sick and depraved titles you’re likely to play this year, at least in Japan anyway. The game is set to include certain *cough* assets of a young Japanese swimsuit model in an additional bonus stage.


How can I roll my monkey balls over this young woman’s cleavage, you may ask? Well, SEGA has tucked away download codes for the ‘maps’ plastered with Yukie Kawamura’s face and chest in a limited number of game boxes for a lucky few to enjoy – maybe it’ll make some 11 year old’s day?

It’s doubtful this little ‘extra’ will make its way to Europe, but if it does, cha-ching!

Source: Andriasang



  1. that is one happy monkey getting some monkey business action

  2. Gotta love the Japanese. Brilliant.

  3. Terrible but brilliant at the same time.

  4. -________-

    Just give me the original, these spinoffs and sequels just get more sucky, like another certain character SEGA owns.

    • As far as I’m concerned Super Monkey Ball as a series finished after SMB2 and THEY NEVER MADE ANYMORE GAMES.

  5. That looks like some cheap mod.

  6. Hahaha, love it! But what about the female fans? Surely they need trouser-lump DLC to keep the sexism alarm from going off at the Daily Mail?

    • I think they’re probably pre-occupied with that other, crudely videogame related story…

      • Fair point! A well times announcement by Sega then!

  7. They’ve dropped the ball by not getting H Tanaka in the game.

  8. The question here is:
    How good is the physics engine?

  9. Only in Japan. They always have to do something ‘different’. I’ve read about Dream Club Zero as well and that game seems weird and pointless.

  10. Oh dear!! Really not that interested anyway to be honest.

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