Sony Santa Monica Hiring For FPS/Car Combat

Sony Santa Monica has got an unannounced project up its sleeve. Obviously, God of War: Ascension has distracted us all for a while but there’s more going on at Sony’s southern California studio.

A job listing, on Gamasutra jobs, has let slip that the unannounced project they’re working on may contain elements of first person or third person shooting as well as vehicle combat. The job advert, for a Senior Combat Designer, list both genres as required experience.


We have no idea what they could be up to, and we’re confident that there’ll be a bit of a collective grumble at the prospect of another shooter or a Twisted Metal clone. It might be worth giving them the benefit of the doubt, though, perhaps they’ll surprise us.

Source: Gamasutra, via NeoGAF



  1. God of War Karting, obviously.

  2. It might be RAGE-like.

  3. God of Uncharted:Little Kart planetzone? Uncharted Racing:You knew we had to do this? Killzone Racing:We were going to make Killzone 4 but we took a Naughty Dog to our plans? The last of us goes karting?
    Kevin Butler finally gets his own Game:Yes, this is the title of it?

    Trying to think of any exclusive franchises that have not been touched since the PS2 days that meet the requirements that they are asking for. Could be an entirely new IP. Hopefully, Bald Space Marines are banned from applying.

  4. I wonder if this is what they hinted at in The Tester.

    • I think you’ll find that was God Of War…

  5. Warhawk3

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