Next Call of Duty To Be Revealed on May 1st

The world reveal for the next Call of Duty game will be on May 1st during the basketball playoffs on TNT. The official site has started the countdown, as well as putting up a number of boxes on the screen. These boxes will reveal images as the week goes on, with the first one already on display.

If anyone wants to have a squint and see what on earth it is then be my guest. It’s far too early for me to partake in such shenanigans.





  1. I hope this time the game will have more explosions.

    • I don’t think Micheal Bay is involved.

    • Well, it sounds like it’s going to be advertized on TNT… ta da, boom!

      [going to get my coat]

  2. i see a Alien teabagging a Marine

  3. I see Princess Leia in her bounter hunter helmet.

  4. I see dead peepholes

  5. Excited to see what it is, but in all likelihood I’ll be giving this a miss.

  6. Hope Treyarch try to inject some new life into COD, however I too will probably pass on it this year.

  7. I can see some form of security camera attached to something that is not a wall, with a tree in the background…

  8. It’ll all be leaked before that date, just how it works now.

  9. The basketball playoffs on TNT eh? This sounds vaguely American.

  10. We already know what it is so why not just announce now, geez as if it’ll be any different..

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