Pictures Link Superbot To Sony’s Secret Fighting Game

I have spent this afternoon having a poke round the Superbot website to try and uncover something in the HTML code or an image directory that is not protected that would link them to whatever Sony are calling their super secret scrapper and failed miserably.

Obviously Superbot are weary of people like myself sneaking around their website and have blanked out the monitors on all graphics on their website.

However I did spot three pictures that link Superbot to fighting games and PlayStation. Admittedly they are extremely tenuous links, but I’ve spent a good couple of hours looking and I’ll be damned if I have wasted the time!

Picture one shows a young lady at her desk, but what is that underneath the monitor. What appears to be a pile of cards and on the top is PlayStation hero Parappa The Rapper, now why would that be there?

The second picture shows a wide shot of the Superbot office and on a table are a couple of pro fighting sticks. Hmm!

The third picture has something blurred out but it has accents of red and blue – a statue of inFAMOUS chappy Cole perhaps?

O.K., I admit this is crap, but it sort of works, doesn’t it?

Slightly feasible perhaps?


Source: Superbot


  1. Their twitter says they’re working on an unannounced PlayStation game for SCEA, so we already know that:!/SuperBotEnt

    Fighting stick thing is interesting though. I think we all know it exists at this stage. Hope that’s what they announce on Thursday, it’s just getting tedious now waiting.

  2. Let’s just agree that it exists, then patiently wait for an announcement.
    On a more general point, I think these sorts of leaks are ruining hype around new things. Just now I saw an article on Mac rumors about the HOME BUTTON on the iPhone 5, supposedly. Can’t we all just leave it to the excitement of the announcement?

    • Oh, and Superbot have the coolest website ever…

  3. I wonder how long it took someone to notice the slumped over dead guy in picture 2…

    • It’s like a morbid version of Where’s Wally?.

  4. Might be a Mario statue.

    • I would say Mario also, and one of the fight sticks looks xbox-flavoured although it’s difficult to see it clearly.

    • That’s what I’m thinking.

    • that was what i was thinking.

  5. Hmm. . .Parappa The Rapper? ? ? “Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind” LoL:D

  6. If we didn’t already know it was on PS3, there are PS3 controllers on image 2.

  7. Was the initial leak – a SuperBot level designer tweeting pictures of Sweet Tooth, staff playing fighting games, saying the Michael advert foreshadows their game – not enough? :P

  8. Also, 4 player gameplay will be in. Just looked at a picture with 4 people playing, looking at 1 screen.

  9. Found another with what looks like Jak in the bottom corner. Look through the pictures on the website, then there in one with a Chinise guy, and a white lady. It’s on top of a box at the front, you can see hair.

  10. Looks like someone decided to have a quick snooze at their desk in image 2.

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