Twisted Metal Multiplayer Inaccessible Outside US

It appears that Twisted Metal’s online multiplayer mode is unplayable for those outside of the US.

The problem was first reported last Thursday by members of the PlayStation forums, though Sony have yet to officially release a statement regarding the situation. David Jaffe, Twisted Metal’s designer, took to Twitter apologising.


“I am hearing this and sorry about it. I will know what is up on Monday. No clue why SCEE territories are locked out :(.I’m sorry.”

So, it looks like we’ll have to wait until later today to get a clear answer as to why gamers outside the US have lost access. If you want to play the single player it is advised you sign out of PSN.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I didn’t even think Twisted Metal was out yet?! Woops. Is it any good? (Apart from not working this side of the pond, obviously)

    • Alex seemed to think so, there again he thinks Journey is good so what does he know :)

    • Erm yeah.. Journey are just lucky to have a one hit wonder.

    • It’s great fun. I hated the demo, but bought it on a whim and haven’t regretted it. Good, old fashioned chaos with an interesting story to boot.

  2. Last Thursday?

    What the hell have they done in Europe? they must’ve Tripped over a wire and burned the building where all the Servers are housed.

  3. Not a great start, usually the teething problems include regular disconnects for some people before a game gets patched, then people still get disconnects, but whole continents disconnected….now that’s style!! :P

  4. Wasn’t aware the TM servers ever worked tbh. They were pants in the demo and seemed just as bad when I bought the finished game a few weeks ago,

    • Mine was working fine a few weeks ago. Took a while to get into a game occasionally, but usually things went without a hitch.

  5. Ouch, the multiplayer is pretty much the point of the game. Hopefully they’ll iron out the issues soon, I was thinking of picking it up from Shopto this week.

  6. Considering getting into a multiplayer game was always tough, at least I always had difficulty, this might be a good thing if it forces Sony and Eat, Sleep, Play to look at the connection problems.

  7. Been an absolute sack of shit even in the US since launch

    They never beta tested & released it only working intermittently & as for this side of the pond they don’t a damn about it, SCEE couldn’t even be bothered to market the game…

    Can’t believe SCEA would release in this state & nothing surprises me with SCEE

    • Must agree with you about it not being well marketed – I would hazard a guess most people don’t even know its out. If it wasn’t for me looking on sites like this then I wouldn’t even know it was out myself.

      The game seemed to have such a backing at the start then the closer it got to release it just all fizzled out. Shame, was thinking of picking it up, but might just leave it now.

    • have to agree jaffe dropped the ball with no beta he is always going on about how games need this & that he should have focused on his own.

  8. The servers have never been great, which is a shame as once you get into a decent game it’s just superb, one of the best competitive multiplayer experiences out there. As it happens there is a trophy for winning an online game for 30 days in a row. I think if you were on day 29 last Thursday you might be a little upset…

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