Daily Mail Shows Their Lack of Insight Again

I love the Daily Mail. It’s my favourite comedy publication. It’s much more explicit in its parodies than something like Private Eye, for example.

Oh no, wait, they’re being serious. They’re just really, really stupid.

Here, look at this video of YouTube user FPSRussia (NSFW – swearing). He’s showing off an obviously modelled and CGI quadrocopter like the one in recent Call of Duty (probably Black Ops 2) teases.

It’s quite obviously a bit of fun, playing on the rumours that the next Call of Duty might be set in the near future. The presenter makes a big deal of it being the sort of tech that soldiers will be using in ten or fifteen years, at the end he says his friends are telling him this might just be in the next Call of Duty game and the end of the video features a credit thanking his “friends the makers of Call of Duty for sponsoring this video”.

Towards the end of the video, he thanks his friend “Yuri” for letting him “borrow his ride” before blowing up this one-of-a-kind military marvel. It couldn’t be a more obvious joke/piece of viral marketing if it tried.

But the Daily Mail missed it. Or they willfully ignored the facts to try and get some outrage and plenty of lovely juicy web traffic from people wanting to see their stupidity in action. Let’s not visit the source link below and give them that satisfaction.

Source: Daily Mail


  1. Incendiary machine gun rounds! hahaha sweet video, conveniently went inside the car at the end where the explosives were…. love a bit of viral video! :D

  2. i shoudnt you know but i really love these guys, its like reading slapstick comedy if that makes any sense.

  3. Daily Mail are scared of there own shadow.

    Here is for pleasue a list of things that Daily Mail says will give you cancer. Try and see if you will not get cancer? Good Luck, I think it imposiable.

  4. DM are nothing more than a glorified hub pages at the moment. They’re a business, and that business is driving incoming links and generating revenue, their entire ethos is dedicated to keeping people clicking through their useless articles.

  5. Hahaha the mail… Fucking cretins

  6. Shoddy journalism?

  7. *picks up sword, dons armour and pays the Daily Mail a visit*

    That should sort their baised views out.

    Anyway, do the Daily Fail really be… i don’t even need to ask that question do i?

    I’m guessing the Mail won’t like me training a Dragon in order to annoy them. Or not sticking to their sterotype of a gamer.

    Wonder if the DM offices are filled with posters of gamers that are used as dartboards?

    • “*picks up sword, dons armour and pays the Daily Mail a visit*”

      You do realize this will easily blame Video games for violence right?

      The Sun: Lone Warrior slays Daily Mail, ban Skkkkyrim!

      • *slays The Sun* Right, Who’s next? I won’t rest untill every paper that has a baised view against video games is slain.

  8. Love this guys accent. It nearly sounds genuine.

  9. Ah, that made me chuckle. Good old Daily Mail, facepalm in print.

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