Max Payne 3 On 2 Discs For 360

At this stage in the Xbox 360’s life, this is hardly news; there have been loads of the more recent 360 games on multiple discs. Most recently – and quite annoyingly – Mass Effect 3 spanned two discs and led to a period in the gameplay when the discs were being swapped every ten minutes, for me, at least.

Now Max Payne 3 will be split on to two DVDs for Microsoft’s machine. The first disc will apparently contain the multiplayer, which is getting lots of positive feedback, and the first half of the single player campaign. The second disc will carry the remaining portion of the single player campaign. Hopefully the game handles the disc swap point sensibly enough that it’s not a case of getting up and changing it more than once.

The PS3 Blu-ray will, of course, all fit on the one disc.

Source: NeoGAF and Rockstar’s Twitter


  1. Oh i’m so looking forward to this game. Must be a long campaign cant wait.

  2. I’m hoping this will be the game to pull me away from UC3’s multiplayer.

    • I could never seem to get into it as much as UC2 multi player, but hearing u and a couple of others are into it I might give it another go.

  3. Linear games like this should be fine when it comes to disk swapping. ME3 and it’s free roam nature was a pain in the arse

  4. best sub title for a long time.

    • Not sure if you check out Eurogamer’s site but there are usually some hum-dingers on there too :)

  5. ah that takes me back, i havent bought a multi-disc game since the PSOne, must be irritating doing the disc switching in this day and age, actually come to think of it ive only bought two games that require discs since Jan 2011.

    im a proper modern man me ;)

  6. Some games have good installers that mean you don’t have to swap discs. Fingers crossed they’ll do something sensible. I found with Mass Effect 3 that after I installed both discs to the HDD I only had to swap discs a couple of times (and I did every mission).

  7. Monkey Island 2 (and other point and click adventures) on the Amiga had 11 floppy disks. That was insane. Looking back, I don’t know how I (or anyone else) put up with it.

    • I installed Windows 95 off floppy discs. I think there was about 20 of them. Wordperfect too, on a work computer – it had something like 30 floppy discs. So tedious.

      • The win95 install was tiresome but nothing compared to when it was the AI’s turn in XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the Amiga.. :)

  8. XBOX IS SHIT anyway

    • ^ that’s going to go down well *ducks*

    • Is it not passed your bedtime?

    • And so are fanboys. :) Please go away if you are going to be like this.

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