Meet the Reader: Mickey2010

What games are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?

Max Payne 3, but I’m pretty sure everyone has said that. There are a few others, like Ghost Recon, Tony Hawk’s HD, Sly 4, and Tomb Raider!

Tomb Raider looks so good, it has potential to knock Nathan Drake’s handsome ass off the throne!

How do you top Nathan Drake? Boobs.

Exactly and a perfectly animated ass! Haha.

Welcome back to the late 90s.

But her bum was kind of squared in the older games!

She worked for years to get that physique.

Well hopefully it pays off in the next outing!

It does look pretty good. I’m quite hopeful it’ll be a great game. Very different feel to Uncharted’s pulpy adventure, though.

The E3 trailer looked stunning, and the gameplay demo they showed was pretty awesome too. If you want a character with a good physique, look at the girl from the game WET.

That game wasn’t all that great, though. At least, not from what I remember, but it may just have been the PS3 version.

The game was awful.

Speaking of awful, awful things, how did you stumble across TSA?

I Googled PlayStation news and stumbled through the likes IGN, Gamespot etc. but there was way to much fanyboyism. Then I stumbled across TSA, which was more focused on the PlayStation at the time, and I just read the articles, but didn’t sign up for a year or two! I’m glad I did eventually, you couldn’t meet a nicer group of people!

Plus all the guys who work behind the scenes at TSA are very helpful and don’t mind helping you out if they can!

So how long has it been since you started reading?

Think it may of been late 2008 or early 2009!

So quite some time, really! That’s great. You’ve seen a lot of articles and features come and go on the front page, no doubt, but what do you count as your favourites there?

Meet the Reader, What We Played, Friday Fight (Saturday Showdown now)! They’re my three equal favourites, but I also love the guest articles. It’s great that you guys really let the TSA community get involved.

Have you ever contributed? Maybe you think you might do so one day?

No, unfortunately. Maybe one day, but I believe the likes or Burgess, Death_in_Flamez and Origami Killer are a lot better of expressing themselves than me!

Isn’t that something of an Italian Male stereotype? I forget…

It is, I think. It’s up there with all Italians being ‘Ex Gangsters’ and ‘Hooligans’. The ‘fantastic lovers’ part is true, though!

Well, these stereotypes came from somewhere. I saw on the Twitter about some Italian football fans who were exceedingly displeased with their team’s performance, so after about 60 minutes they managed to stop the match, and had the manager go and collect all of the player’s shirts for them…

Yeah, we discussed that on the Arsenal Fans thread in the forums! It’s truly stupid, it really is!

I remember a few years back, Man United faced Lille in the Champions League and their manager told his players to come off the field because they awarded us a free kick which we scored before the whistle was blown, and the referee allowed the goal! Football is a crazy game at times.

I also discovered that not all pitches are the same size. Now that is silliness.

Yeah, the manager decides at the start of the year how big or small the pitch should be, but I guess the bigger clubs pitches will be a lot bigger, due to the stadium size and capacity.

Crazy. You’ve spent a lot of time in the forums, posting almost as much as Steven (not quite, though), and I believe that you also appear at quite a few meets too. Who have you got on with within the community?

Oh yeah, I post in the forums a lot, and create lots of threads because I love to read what the community thinks on a lot of things! But I don’t have ‘solid’ relationships with the guys here but I have had nice chats with Burgess, MadJunkBoy, Origami Killer, theberzerka! Thebezerka is my nemesis he revealed he was having a secret competition in who has more trophies! I’m Still Winning

He gets bonus points for having been on MtR before you, though.

Yeah, he does he got there first and has a better trophy level then me too. He’s superior too me in so many ways!

Isn’t that just the truth. Not to dwell too long on your inadequacies, when you’re away from TSA and from video gaming, do you have many other interests and hobbies to take up your free time?

Music. I love to listen to music, though I get told I’m weird since I have such a varied taste in music, from Alexi Murdoch to Eminem! There is quite a lot I love besides that: MMA, Movies, Spending time with family and my secret obsession still to this day is wrestling mainly WWE. I also play football, and just spend time with my son.

You’re not alone on here. There’s often a discussion on the TSA podcast because Colin’s asked some question about it of them.

Oh, I only listened to one Podcast a few months back, but WWE is still awesome.

A son? I didn’t realise!

Yes, he is still new to this wonderfully cruel world, at 7 weeks old!

Now that you’ve mentioned him, there’s a memory tickling the back of my brain about this. Congratulations! What have you named him? Have you foisted him with PlayStation themed clothing and a knitted DS3 to cuddle at night?

He’s called Kaiden. I wanted Vinny because of the Fox’s biscuit advert! He loves to watch me play Sly Cooper, too, I think he likes the colours.

I’ve really been enjoying the Sly games myself. Just started the 2nd game, and it’s such a huge jump in plot, pacing and design over the first.

I know, right? I missed out on them on the PS2 but I’m fighting my way through number 2 now, and it’s fantastic. Much better than the first.

Really looking forward to the 4th later this year, after seeing that footage the other day too.

Me too. I’m glad it still looks like the old games’ style, and hopefully it lives up to my high expectations.

Similar art style and direction, just with the huge step up in power that the PS3 can offer.

Hopefully it’s longer than the first game though it was over so quickly!

It certainly seems to be. On the topic of comedy, cartoon violence, I think it’s time to wrap this up with the usual, oft dreaded question. Snog, Civil Partnership, Smother, Shark Attack which of the four podcast hosts, Peter, Lewis, Kris and Kev?

I would Snog Kev! Marry Kris as he seems pretty awesome. Then I would smother Lewis (Sorry) and drop Peter into a Shark infested tank! Fish Food!

Controversial! Peter never dies!

I know, but there is a first time for everything. I heard he has 9 lives, though, he would survive the shark attack.

He’s made out of Adamantium claws.

He would eat the shark!

And with that, we’re done. Do you have any final words for the readers that made it this far?

Final Words. Hmm, I would like to thank you for reading this, and sorry if I bored you! Sorry to Tef for boring him! Thanks too to everyone who helped me out in the forums, comments on my threads and talks to me! Oh, and congrats to McProley on his recent baby news! It’s the greatest blessing in the world! Good luck to the TSA guys with exams coming up!

Fontana… Out!

Thanks again to Mickey for taking the time to do this interview. See you all next week!

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  1. Great read and lovely to meet you Mickey :) Cheers for thinking I express myself well :P It’s only because I spend hours in front of the screen attempting to find something good to say you know ;)

    • Yeah right! You’ve just found a better, less crazy sentence generator than Steven… :P

  2. Nemises indeed! Good read. As you’ve said I’m higher in level now, but at first I was behind. I’m trying my best to open a healthy lead. :P

    • You have opened a healthy lead you had 8 plats or something when we started know your on 13! I will be back on top mate!

  3. really good read! thanks for the mention too. Always keep an eye out for threads you have created on TSA as there is always good discussion to be had. Congrats on the baby! even if its a bit late sorry.

    Also I love the Italians in more ways that one, your name sounds like the don of the Mafia. love it.

    • Me and my dad played a prank on my girlfriend when we first met he pretended he was part of the Mafia and he was hiding out in Carlisle….She looked scared

      • haha! Good to hear she still is your gf!

        Funnily enough my (girl)friend’s parents are from Palermo, the home of the mafia lol. Thankfully I havent had that prank pulled on me.

      • Who is to say that they aint part of the Mafia hiding out in your town….

      • I hope not! Well they better stay here actually :P

  4. Peter’s shark proof. I tried.

  5. Kaiden is such a cool name… I wish I was called Kaiden :/ Nice to meet you Mickey! Also im intrigued to how you know Italian men are fantastic lovers…

  6. Great interview. Congtrats on the son too btw.

  7. nice read! and nice to meet u Mickey and thx for the mention…
    congrats to the son and Kaiden is a wonderful name, stick with it! =D
    and yeahh, captain expresses himself very well! = D
    wish Kaiden the best of futures! ;)

  8. Nice to meet you sir!

  9. Good to meet you – nice read!

    Your Dad must have huge balls to tell your Mum that finishing Crash is more important to the safe delivery of your sister, lol. What a legend!

    Nice that NFS Underground 2 got a mention – that was the last NFS I really enjoyed. OTT car modding at its best!

    • Funny you liked that one, i thought 1 was way better.

      • My fav NFS game was NFS Underground 2 thought it was awesome! if the made NFS Underground 1&2 HD with Trophies i would buy Them!

        And yeah Youles my dad is one crazy dude!!

      • Well 1 was good, but I liked the free roam in 2 which meant you could drive your motor around without having to be in a race.

        An HD collection and some modern cars would be awesome – and trophies! :)

      • That would be awesome, loved both NFS Underground 1 & 2, but EA don’t really do HD remakes.

      • Underground 2 was one of my favourite arcade racers of the last gen. Loads of people slated it and didn’t like the game, which totally puzzled me as I thought it was superb. Mind you it was aimed at the boy racer gen, and their reputation was pretty bad at the time!
        Those great days are a long way off from the latest tripe offered…..The Runs!!

      • @Freezebug

        Aint that the truth every ‘Boy Racer’ round my area had NFS Undergroud it was a game made for them but i agree it was superb! i think i completed it 2 times on my PS2

  10. Good to meet you Mickey

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