Call Of Duty Still Coming To PS Vita, Which “Version” Not Clear Yet

News on Call of Duty for the PlayStation Vita has been thin on the ground since the first reveal – so to speak – of the game last year.

Thankfully, though, it’s still a thing.


Today Activision’s Social Media Manager, Dan Amrich, confirmed that the game is still coming to the platform although he admits that he doesn’t know “what version of the game” or “who’s developing” it yet – hopefully we’ll find out more at E3.

“My acquisition of a Vita is not to be taken as any sort of update on CoD Vita,” he says, playing down his recent purchase.

I’ve just checked out the guy’s Twitter feed – man, he gets some stick.



  1. People are absolute idiots towards him, just the everyday disgracefully shocking behaviour that happens on the Internet.

    This needs to be a serious CoD game & not some cut down Wii port

    • strongly agree with that statement, im all for anonymity on the internet but there ought to be a couple of heavies employed by ISPs to go round and beat some sense into these idiots.

  2. It could really be something, this. Shame we haven’t heard more about it.

    • & I’m not much of a Call of Duty player, it just could do the Vita some good.

  3. We haven’t even heard what the next COD is (officially), so why should we know more about the Vita version? The next COD for consoles will be announced soon at a basket ball game of all things. It makes sense to me that we won’t hear about it until at least then. More likely at E3.

    • I no never thought it was not happening guess E3 will be a reveal.

  4. I doubt it will be IW but then again all COD developers suck ever since the original IW left.

  5. I’m pretty sure it will be a minimalized version similar to a Wii port, but I still have hope. Just as long as its IW developing it, it might be half decent, but not if its Treyach

    • I think it will be Treyarch mate as they did all the DS and Wii versions/ports.

      To be honest I’m not too fused about MP on the Vita (I think I’d be easily frustrated as I may struggle with the small sticks), so as long as the campaign is good I’ll be pleased. And although the last few CoDs have been a bit lacking visually, the graphics would probably look decent on Vita.

      I do wonder about the Vita’s security though, given that CoD was a huge target for hacks, and was successful on the older games.

      • It doesn’t matter who makes it, it will be rubbish. jokes

        Treyarch usually handle the ports plus it is Blops 2 this year, so we might be in for one of the better campaign story’s. Quite simply put though the Vita needs a CoD title.

      • Yeah, it could do with CoD just for the sales and raising the Vita’s profile a bit.

        I worry that it might be a rushed port though if there is little info about it now.

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