Eleven Minutes Of Anarchy Reigns

The developers of Anarchy Reigns, Platinum Games, have released a video of themselves playing the game, complete with audience reactions to some of the special moves.

The video shows a number of characters including the large robotic bull character who absolutely is not at all like Tantrum from the Predacons.

Source: YouTube



  1. Is it good?

    (blocked site, bollocks)

  2. I cannot see what the hell is going on. Too much crap on the screen.

  3. So they are making this and metal gear rising.

  4. Something i have still worked out from this game… Is it multiplayer only?

    Everything that i have seen for it revolves around mp & even when i asked one of the team at eurogamer what other content it would have aside from the mode they were showcasing, he didn’t seem to know too much about any other modes, but ‘suspected’ there would be.

    Unfortunately, if it is mp only, i’m afraid there simply isn’t enough substance for me.

  5. * Something i have still not worked out from this game

  6. It looks kind of fun, reminds me a bit of Outrigger and the Dreamcast Spawn game which I liked. Hopefully they’ll release a demo for it nearer the time.

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