MGS HD Collection Vita Gets A Release Date

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for the Vita will be arriving on the portable in late June, publisher Konami has announced.

The Vita version comes with almost all the bells and whistles from its big brother console offering, as well as Kojima Productions’ Transfarring system, allowing players to share data across PS3 and Vita versions.


What MGS HD Vita is lacking, however, is MGS: Peace Walker.

Whether it’s due to space limitations or because including it would be at odds with the PSP version sitting on the PSN store for £15.99, it’s still a shame that it’s absent.



  1. Hmm, never actually played a MGS game, think I will start with this.

    • Then please play them in order of release! MG, MG2, MGS, MGS2, MGS3, MPO, MGS4, MGS:PW.
      MG, MG2 and MPO are kinda skippable thou. And don’t bother with Snakes revenge since it’s not considered canon. :D

      • or in chronological order MGS3, MGS:PO, MGS:PW, MG, MG2, MGS, MGS2, MGS4….Actually, stickwith release order. You can skip metal gear ac!d. They’re non-canon

  2. So is Metal Gear 3 included? If so, for my money this is a better package than the big consoles.

    • Yes, which is why it’s called a “collection” :P

  3. “All isn’t lost though, this absence is mitigated by the inclusion of the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 games in delicious HD goodness.”

    Those games were in the console collection too, so I don’t really understand that sentence?

    • Were they? Whoops, my mistake.

      • And MG1 and 2, although included, are not in HD :)

  4. Yes, because they are part of MGS3: Subsistence, which is the version of MGS3 in the collection. But I see you just quoted Eurogamer, so they got it wrong :)

    • That is the right answer :)
      I hope Eurogamer meant Metal Gear Solid “1” though :p

  5. Been hankering for a meaty, story-driven Vita game since launch. A real shame they didn’t add Peace Walker as it’s the only game in the series I have yet to touch on.

    • :O Its worth buying the PS3 HD collection just for Peace Walker – its amazing and by far the best MGS in my opinion.

  6. Ehm… “late June”? That’s no release date… Hasn’t a June release already been pretty much common knowledge? (I’m not trying to come off like a smartass by the way, I’m having a feeling of deja-vu here)

    And the absence of Peace Walker is almost certainly due to space limitations as I belive the largest Vita cartridge is 4GB.

    • That’s what I thought – already knew it was June. But at least we know it’s LATE June now. (I have more time to Platinum Wipeout 2048 in time for MGS).

  7. Would be nice if they included a 50% off voucher for Peace Walker, or something

  8. They should re-release Peace Walker on Vita too, even if it is a separate download.
    Not only does the second analogue stick do wonders for the gameplay, also having proper multiplayer support over PSN is brilliant in the PS3 version.
    (Adhoc party is useless for me as I have my PS3 connected via Wifi)

  9. Nice. Hopefully it will be similarly priced to the PS3 HD collections.

  10. Huge shame Peace Walker isn’t included, it would have guaranteed a purchase from me at least.

    • Same here, I was really looking forward to Peace Walker on my Vita. I know I could get the PSP version but it would have been nice to get a version with the 2nd stick integrated.

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