Rumour: SEGA Has Canned Bayonetta Sequel

According to Spong SEGA has cancelled Bayonetta 2.

“Some bad news for SEGA fans everywhere,” say the site. “Bayonetta 2 has been cancelled, following the publisher’s ongoing restructure.”


Apparently the sequel was to “include a new character, in the form of a member of the US military.”

The Platinum Games developed game was never officially announced, although it was heavily expected to at least be in the design stages.

A spokesperson for SEGA replied with a “no comment.”



  1. Bayonetta sold relatively well, no? If so, this just seems like another ‘restructuring’ that does more harm than good…

  2. no great loss for me, i found it to be tedious and mostly devoid of original ideas, dont get me wrong the art was pretty good but i figure once you play Dantes Inferno, God of War and Devil May Cry then this game simply cried “Me-too!”

  3. I never played the first so I guess I’m not bothered by this.

  4. Awwww….

    I’ll just continue thinking this is a “we need site hits” rumour.

  5. NOOO!!!

  6. Aside from the cheesy lines and kooky story line, I actually really liked the game and think this is a big shame.

  7. Aw :( I really enjoyed the original, blatant pandering aside…one of the few games these days that I saw through to the end.

  8. Good! What a POS this game was on PS3, one of the worst PS3 games ever.

  9. Good move. I got stuck an hour into the original on PS3 because the shoddy framerate broke a quicktime event.

  10. I am very disappointed if it’s true as Bayonetta was excellent, imo. Sure, it had a few flaws but the sequel would have hopefully ironed it out and since DMC is going down the crapper(Imo) i think Bayonetta would have been able to replace it as the flagship title of the hack and slash genre that is on both platforms.

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