Harmonix Is Up To Something, Possibly For Next Gen Xbox

Harmonix, the people behind Dance Central, Rock Band and Guitar Hero (originally), are up to something. Those hardcore proponents of the rhythm method are advertising a number of vacancies for some very strange roles.

On the surface it all seems like fairly normal videogame recruitment but delve a little deeper, as our favourite sleuth supererogatory has done, and you’ll find the weirdness.


They’re looking for a Senior Level Designer, a Senior Content Designer, a Software Engineer for Graphics (lots of those, please) and a Narrative Designer. All of this, apparently for a “unique” motion controlled game. Next generation is mentioned, alongside the words “brand new IP” in places and, given the size of the Harmonix team, it’s difficult to imagine that they’re working one more than one big new thing.

Music is mentioned in other ads and motion controls are mentioned in most of them.

So we can reasonably conclude (although there’s nothing confirmed so don’t hold us to it) that there’s going to be something with designed levels, additional content, some graphics, motion controls and music coming from Harmonix on the next generation of consoles.

Any ideas?

Source: Multiple linked above, via Superannuation



  1. Air Guitar Hero?

    • …Central.

      Done. Man, I don’t know why they bother paying people for creative brainstorming sessions when we would do it for them for the price of a packet of Hob Nobs and a nice strong cup of tea.

  2. Brutal Legend EX? (with a added jump button and pop music to appeal to the er.. general music market)


    Hope its something outstanding and not depending on too much licensing.

  3. E3!

  4. Nice AC/DC reference :)

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