LBP Karting Not In The Works For Vita

It’s getting so that a Vita owner will automatically utter the words “would love to see this on Vita too” for every new PlayStation 3 game that’s announced. It seems like Sony has managed to pack enough power into the handheld that we think it should get versions of everything its big brother has.

Well, United Front has other ideas. That’s the studio behind LittleBigPlanet Karting and last night, over on the US PS Blog, they responded to a comment from one of those aforementioned Vita owning hopefuls that ruled out a Vita version – at least for the time being.


Alas, we are concentrating 100% on making the PS3 version LittleBigPlanet Karting the very best it can be. We are not working on a Vita version at this time.

There’s enough ambiguity in that response to leave room for another studio working on it, I suppose, but we probably shouldn’t get our hopes up.

Source: US PS Blog via VG247



  1. Such a shame. The Vita has so much potential for at least a lot of the PSN games. Its still missing a good tactical strategy game as well as a classic RPG. So much potential, I hope Sony don’t get uninterested

    • I agree – although I’m sure they’ll push a bunch of vita-related stuff at E3.

      • I’m hoping so. Its been nearly 6 months since Japan’s launch so i would have thought an RPG would be somewhere on the horizon

    • We need a Demon or Dark Souls on it!! Sort it SCEJ

      • I’m not too sure about that. I can see Vita’s being flung out of windows if that happens. I’d enjoy playing it but i know a few people who have broken controllers overs those games

      • Soul Sacrifice definitely seems to be this.
        The concept art that was released shows one of the Dark Souls bosses.

      • Thats made me quite interested in it now then

      • Thanks for that! I hope it is a spin off!

  2. Oh my.

  3. Missed opportunity.

  4. Way to give the Vita some support. We get a lousy Modnation port and when a decent kart racer looks like it’s on the horizon they forget the Vita all together. As stage1 said, missed opportunity.

    I like the “It’s getting so that a Vita owner will automatically utter the words “would love to see this on Vita too” line as well. It’s very true at the moment

  5. It’s like they want the Vita to fail… Everyone keeps waiting for E3 but I doubt we’ll actually get to buy anything they announce within the quarter so we wait again…

  6. I had hopes for this. Oh well
    It would be perfect for the vita

  7. Look for the announcement at E3.

  8. I really hope Sony have somes aces up their sleeve at E3 for the Vita.

  9. E3 will be Vita full chill guys I feel we might see a PS4 trailer or something as well.

    • I hope so, I’m counting on it. Also hoping for a glimpse of COD for the vita

  10. Well that’s just silly!

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